Get to know about the drink coupons and food served on the American Airlines


If you are traveling via American Airlines flight, then you would be eager to know about the drinks and snacks served to all the passengers on this flight. So, in this article, you will learn what things are served to the users. But firstly, we want to tell you about the process for availing the drink coupons on this flight.

After completing your reservation, when you will arrive on the airport for performing the check-in, then you have to request the customer care agents over there to give you some drink coupons.

They will offer you as many number of coupons which are reserved for every passenger but if you want to avail some more then you should be able to get those coupons by paying a small amount of pennies from your pocket.

Now, if you want to know what kind of food will be served to you after reserving your flight ticket online then below is the information.

If you are traveling between Los Angeles and New York, then the meals will be completely free for you.

Moreover, the beer and wine will be provided free of cost in every flight to Asia, or Europe.

Along with that, the special meals include a variety of snacks, light meals included with the tasty breakfast.

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