Getaway to the hills: Chopta


Chopta, Uttarakhand.

Photo of Getaway to the hills: Chopta by Archana Permi

Situated in the lap of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand, is the small region of Chopta. The meadows, forests and the rising Himalayan peaks make for the perfect getaway from the surrounding towns and cities. Enveloped by pine and deodar forests, and the valleys covered with rhododendrons, Chopta is a refreshing, peaceful and yet, an adventurous holiday destination. To add to the magnificence of the place, are the imposing views of the greater Himalayas with sighting of the Trishul, Nanda Devi and Chaukhamba Peaks. If you enjoy and find excitement in trekking the mountains and wilderness, then Chopta is a must-visit on your travel checklist.

Photo of Getaway to the hills: Chopta 1/3 by Archana Permi

Getting there

Chopta is located about 450Km from Delhi and about 254Km from Rishikesh. To reach this Himalayan town, you can take the NH58 route from Delhi, Dehradun or Rishikesh. Most travelers prefer to book a taxi service in Dehradun and enjoy the journey along the foothills of the Himalayas.

Photo of Getaway to the hills: Chopta 2/3 by Archana Permi

Time to visit

The best season to visit Chopta is in the summer months of March, April and May, when the nature is a little more generous on you and gives ample opportunities to explore and enjoy the outdoors. The winter months are bitter and chilly with temperatures dropping down to as low as 15 degrees, and are best suited for mountaineers and trekkers who dare to tread the snow clad Himalayan trails or ski down the snowy slopes.

Places to stay

Since Chopta developed as a trekking and outdoor adventure hub, the accommodation options available are not like the ones you would find in popular tourist destinations, with spas, luxury resorts or similar. Chopta mostly offers cozy lodges, locally run home-stays or camping grounds for trekkers. However, for the ones looking for a complete relaxing vacation, there are yoga and meditation retreats like the Yoga Hith Retreat.

Things to do in Chopta

Chopta and its neighboring areas are known among travelers for its endless outdoor activities and adventure sports like trekking, hiking, camping, bird-watching, rock climbing, skiing, snow-trekking, trail walking, or simply relaxing at the yoga retreats built in the heart of nature.

Here’s 5 good reasons why you should consider Chopta as your next getaway in the hills:

1. It’s easily accessible from Delhi, Dehradun, Rishikesh and major neighboring towns

2. You can view the Greater Himalayas without traveling further up north

3. It’s primarily a trek zone, hence it is not thronged by the typical tourist crowd but only visited by serious travelers and trekkers

4. Being off-beat, small and less populated, it’s budget-friendly

5. Being non-commercial, the natural beauty of this place is still intact, so you can soak in the nature as much as you can.

Photo of Getaway to the hills: Chopta 3/3 by Archana Permi

Treading the trails of Himalayas

The scenic hill town of Chopta evolved to become the best trekking zone in the region. Join a professional trek group if you want to triumph the mighty Himalayas or travel with a group of your own. For trek enthusiasts, this town is the starting point for popular treks to Tungnath at a 5Km trek, Chandrashila, which is another 1.5Km from Tungnath, and the Devariyatal at a 10-12Km trek.

For nature lovers, Chopta has natural trails and paths cutting and winding through the forests and grasslands, which make for an enthralling walk within the nature and enjoy bird-watching or wildlife sighting. The forests around Chopta are frequented by almost 221 species of exotic migratory birds, which gives an immersive experience of the wilderness. Don’t forget to visit the Kanchula Korak Musk Deer sanctuary, where the rare and almost dwindling species of the Indian musk deer thrives within a protected environment.

For photography buffs, the nature trails of Chopta are perfect to capture a candid shot of the snow partridge, or the Himalayan monal bird, the musk deer and similar exotic species.

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