Getting high on nature in ‘not Kasol’


Kasol has become synonymous to the magical Parvati valley. With growing popularity, the calming sound of the white waters has been replaced by crowded streets. Having learnt the hard way that ’there are no shortcuts to any place worth going’, I am there for the hand holding in your pursuit to reach the peaceful abode called 'Rasol'.

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Chalal Village

Reach Kasol in the morning, grab the necessities and directly walk across the woods to Chalal which is about 20 mins walk away. The noise is already behind you and hence it makes for a perfect setting to freshen up and have breakfast.

A hut on the way to Rasol

Photo of Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India by Rahul Garg

After a 2.5-3 hrs hike (steep at some places), you come across this beautiful hamlet, Rasol with splendid views of the Parvati valley.

View of the valley from the bedroom cum balcony

Photo of Getting high on nature in ‘not Kasol’ by Rahul Garg

I know of a perfect place to stay in Rasol which offers the best of everything, if you know what I mean ;) The place has been really kind to us over our multiple trips, let's talk if you want to know more.

A glass of soothing honey lemon ginger is exactly what you need with the 'herb'

Photo of Getting high on nature in ‘not Kasol’ by Rahul Garg
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