Getting visa for Qatar- the pre-requisites


In order to get visa for any country there are certain course of actions that need to be done prior to filling up you visa application. These actions generally involve collecting your documents like passport, tickets, photographs, occupancy details, cover letter etc.

Similarly, if you want to apply for Qatar visa then you’ll first have to get your documents ready. From different countries there are different rules, if you are an Indian passport holder then you need to follow the procedure laid down by Indian Embassy.

You can apply for tourist visa, entry visa, business visa, transit visa, employment visa or student visa. The pre-requisites to apply for Qatar visa for Indians are:

Get your passport ready. You need to check the validity of your passport and if it is not valid then get it validated before applying for visa. The passport should be valid for atleast 6 months from the date of your return. The passport should have atleast one blank visa page for visa stamps.

Get your tickets of entry as well as exit ready as you might be required to produce them in front of the Consulate or upload it in case your are applying online.

Get your photographs clicked. You would require 2 passport-sized photographs to affix in the form or upload online. The standard dimensions for your face should be 25mm x 35mm. Your face should occupy 80% of the photograph and the background should be plain white. Apply matte or semi-matte finish to your photograph.

Fill in your visa application form. For filling the form visit the official website and download the form of Qatar visa for Indians i.e. Form V1. You can either download the form or fill it online.

Fill all the columns of the application form correctly and make sure your information matches with that in your passport.

Letter from company along with salary slip is required if you are applying for a business visa.

Details of your occupancy including your salary slip, leave letter signed by your office authorities or retirement letter

You will also be required to submit a cover letter in which you’ll have to describe the reason of your visit to Qatar.

You should also be ready with other variable documents. Address proof would be required if your current address differs from the address mentioned in your passport.

If you are visiting the place for the first time then with other documents you’ll additionally be required to submit your bank statements for last three months. Income tax return (ITR) details of last three years would be required to be produced by first timers.

You would also be required to submit copies of Qatar residence permit or Qatar id in order to apply for Qatar visa.

Occasionally the Consulate may ask you to supply your hotel booking details so you should always take a copy of the same.

Once all your documents are collected you can either visit any visa office or apply online through the official website.

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