Girl Motorbikes Around The World Solo After Ex-Boyfriend Told Her It's 'Too Dangerous'


How often does an argument with a boyfriend end up in you taking a life-changing decision?

For Nikki Misurelli, a disagreement with her partner led to an epiphany, which made her realise her love for road trips, motorbikes and the world!

In September 2016, Nikki's then boyfriend got the idea to ride all the way from Alaska to Argentina with his friends. And what happened next, is best told by Nikki herself.

“He said he wanted to motorcycle all the way from Alaska down to Argentina. I asked him if I could go with him but he said no, that it was a ‘guys only’ trip. ‘It’s too dangerous and intense,’ he said. ‘You probably couldn’t handle it’. So we broke up and I went by myself.”

A year later, Nikki has sold all her belongings, slept in a tunnel in Italy, motorbiked over 28,000km around the world and transformed into an inspiration for female riders everywhere.

Nikki likes riding alone, as it gives her the freedom to be spontaneous. She also has immense faith in the goodness of people, which keeps her confident and fearless no matter where she is in the world.

"I am rarely nervous, because bad things can happen anywhere in the world, but there are more good people than bad," she said.

In an interview with the Independent, Nikki also touched upon the misconception people have about her financial status.

“A lot of people just assume I’m rich, but it’s not true. I have no house and barely any possessions. I pulled all my retirement money and sold almost all of my belongings. It’s amazing how little we actually need in life.”

Nikki works in between trips, saves most of the money she makes and never plans ahead. That helps her in having a tighter budget as she can crash the cheapest option available, be it a hostel, tent, or sofa. But the growing popularity of AlaskaMotoGirl is helping Nikki grab some opportunities that allows her flexibility while travelling.

She recently rode in Europe, covering Spain, Italy, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, Slovenia and Austria, and plans to take her adventures to either Middle East or Africa.

"I do not have an exact route, I leave it open to spontaneous and random opportunities. Life and travelling are not always easy, but I have discovered that it makes me physically and mentally stronger and I learn more about myself and other people and cultures too."

In her interview, Nikki leaves a message for women who have the fire to explore but are held back by routines and excuses. She hopes to see the world being treaded by more and more women adventurers and explorers.

“I want women around the world to get out there and get travelling. If you want something enough, you can make it work. That’s how I feel about travel.”

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that's exactly I want to cover whole of the Europe on bike :) inspiring for all travelers
Sun 04 23 17, 14:33 · Reply · Report
inspiring for all the young souls
Tue 04 18 17, 18:38 · Reply · Report