Giving in to Wanderlust: 5 Travel Tips for Globe-Trotting Newbies

Photo of Giving in to Wanderlust: 5 Travel Tips for Globe-Trotting Newbies by Dixie Somers

Wanderlust is a sensation that tends to grip everyone at some stage in their life. For a select number of people, the feeling never quite goes away. The desire to travel and see and experience new things should never be smothered. Instead, you should consider these five travel tips to make your globe-trotting adventures a lot easier.

Don’t Plan Everything

While you may have a few ideas on what you want to see, you shouldn’t plan everything. The real adventure starts when you find something new and explore. If you end up planning everything out, then you’re not going to experience the grandeur of truly exploring and getting to know the area.

Pack Paperwork in Easy Holder

If you want to travel internationally, it’s always a lot easier to have the paperwork you need in a secure, waterproof small bag that you can attach to your leg or arm. It’s always within reach for easy access in case you need your passport or visitor’s visa.

Appropriate Luggage

Before you even get out the door, you need to consider your luggage. Not only what you’re wearing, but how you’re bringing it. For those who want to go backpacking, less is more. You’ll only want one piece of luggage that you can put on your back. However, for those who plan on going to big cities and doing some shopping or plan on bringing back lots of souvenirs, you might want to bring additional luggage pieces, so you can easily fit all of those items within it.

Talk to Locals

When you’re finally out there, you need to talk to the locals. They have the ability to not only provide new locations for you to explore that tourists might not know about, but they can also point you to local restaurants that serve authentic local food. Treat the locals with respect and courtesy, and your traveling is going to be made a lot simpler and more magical. Wherever you go, treat the people and surroundings with respect.

Tip Well and Appropriately

If you happen to use someone’s services, then make sure you tip them, and tip them well. Even if it isn’t common practice to tip the server, you should endeavor to do so. Not only will they appreciate it, but they may tell others and you may find better service than those who don’t tip their servers. It’s also just a generally great thing to do. Be sure to do some research ahead of time about common tipping practices in the area you’ll be traveling to.

Traveling is a great experience and presents an opportunity for growth and the expansion of your understanding. These tips can ensure you do it the right way and have the best experience possible.

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