Gliding Over Ganges

13th Jul 2014


"You know, I love Superman and though its fantasy but I could really use that feeling of flying with some speed. You don't always get to glide over Ganges at a speed of 150 km/h, do you?" a voice over the phone was trying to convince me to include him on the recent contest I won for two. When you're single and you win double passes, its a disaster. Yo need to choose over many eager friends and select that one friend to accompany you to the adventure. He seemed legit.

I had just won the 3 nights 2 days all inclusive package to experience all adventure sports available in Rishikesh, sponsored by a company named Jumpin Heights. There was activities like , Flying Fox, Bungee Jumpin, Great Swing, River rafting etc. The most awesome part about it was the fact that it was FREE.

My friend landed in Dehradun Airport from Odisha, and like me he was also a keen seeker of adventure. The following day, we went to Rishikesh and were greeted warmly in the office of Jumpin Heights.

They further took us on to their ground zero, the activity site in a bus which took nearly an hour to reach. Passing along the flowing Ganges river was an everlasting memory which will not fade away anytime soon.

On reaching the site, we were informed that they were closing from the following day and would reopen after the rains in September. So once i use my winning ticket I could only be able to do whatever they offer that very day. It was evening and we had time for only two activities for us. My friend wanted to fly so he took the Flying Fox while i attempted the second most adventure sport of the world. The Bunjee Jumping. I gave my GoPro to him to shoot his experience and he did. It was one of the best experiences I had so far and I am going to preserve it for as long as i can.

The shoot came out good as well. Here it is !

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