Go Back In Time In Mongolia

17th Aug 2017

Breathtakingly Stunning Landscape of Mongolia (Image Source: Google)

Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia by Rohan Shetty

For years travellers overlooked Mongolia, thanks to its more famous neighbours—Russia and China. But, in the recent years, it has witnessed a tourist renaissance. The sparsely populated nation provides the perfect antidote to travellers weary of big cities and concrete jungles. People are more than eager to experience something new and Mongolia has arrived on the scene at the most opportune time.

With no worries of tourist herds and a foreign exchange bowing in your favour, visiting Mongolia in 2017 makes perfect sense.

The Rugged Geography:

Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia 1/9 by Rohan Shetty
Gobi Desert & Sand Dunes - Mongolia (Image Source: Google)

If mentions of Mongolia conjure up images of vast stretches of empty lands with mountains on the edges and men on horses riding against fierce and chilly winds, you are quite on the mark.

Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia 2/9 by Rohan Shetty
Beautiful Altai Mountains - Mongolia (Image Source: Google)

Move along towards the north and you will find a jagged mountain range called the Altai Mountains accompanying you all the way to the north and into Russia.

Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia 3/9 by Rohan Shetty
Vast Green Landscapes of East Mongolia (Image Source: Google)

On the east are the famous steeps and hills that go on and on without the faintest interruption of humankind.

Their History

The allure of the Mongols can be traced to their rich history. One where their bravest warrior Genghis Khan stretched his empire from Eastern China to Persia. The second is Communism’s entry into the land and its subsequent horrors.

Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia 4/9 by Rohan Shetty
National Museum of Mongolia (Image Source : Google)

The National Museum of Mongolia is the place to get an in depth view of Mongolia’s history. However, when it comes to recent history,

Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia 5/9 by Rohan Shetty
Memorial Museum of Victims of Political Persecution - Mongolia (Image Source : Google)

visit this little-known Victims of Political Persecution Memorial Museum that paints haunting images of the horrors during the Communist era. You can find both these museums in the Mongol capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

Nomadic Lifestyle

Mongolia is one of the few remaining States where you will come across Nomadic families. Moving frequently and staying in their ‘gher’, they are always pleased to meet a visitor. It's customary to offer a little nibble or a cup of tea, accept it for saying no is considered rude.

Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia 6/9 by Rohan Shetty
Mongolian 'gher' (Image Source : Google)
Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia 7/9 by Rohan Shetty
Interiors of 'Gher' in Mongolia (Image Source : Google)

The gher is an artificial portable dwelling place made out of bamboo and wood. When you meet a nomadic family, do not miss a chance to interact with the kids.

Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia 8/9 by Rohan Shetty
Dainty Mongolian children with rosy cheeks (Image Source: Google)

Mongol children are famous for their rosy cheeks and are friendly with tourists. Give them small gifts or toys which they might not have. In Mongolia, gift giving is an important tradition.


While food might not be the first thing on your mind here, it’s worth a try. To understand a society and country, let their food do the talk and Mongolia’s foods sing like a canary.

Photo of Go Back In Time In Mongolia 9/9 by Rohan Shetty
Traditional Mongolian Cake (Image Source : Google)
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