Go Mumbai Go | Hyperlapse


My first proper visit to Mumbai happened one and a half year ago and that is when I happened to get a taste of this place. Contrary to what I had heard all my life, the people were quite down to earth. First thing that struck me on landing from Delhi was that every bit of space that could possibly be available, was already in use in some or the other manner. Maybe that’s how Mumbaikars have learnt to make it with limited resources.

I spent 6 days in January 2017 filming the city. Hyperlapse turns out to be a perfect method to document the ever moving Mumbai. For me personally, the high rise buildings provide a sense of having the city right in front of your eyes all the time. That must give Mumbaikars a tremendous feeling of ownership for this city and it’s actually clearly visible in the way they tread. Having said that, I think once you are in Mumbai, it’s the city that owns you in a some or the other way.

Close to 5000 photographs used to create the final film.