Go to This Café in Bir for Positive Vibes, Great Food and a Sinful Cup of Coffee!


Whoever goes to Bir refers to it as a magical place to be at. However vague that sounds it is actually true in every possible manner. In that paradise is a tiny café that will be your go to place to devour some desserts and sip on coffee all day long!

Ideal For

Couples head here for a coffee date and solo travellers find your spot to read your favourite book!

About the property

Ritu and Sumit the owners of this little eatery are originally from Mumbai. Both of them are actors by profession but followed their heart to the by-lanes of this paragliding site to open a café. The name comes from a sweet back story. Sumit proposed to Ritu on this very day many moons ago, and that’s it, that’s how special this date became to them. Also, they’re getting married in December this year, so send them your wishes, maybe?

Now that you know the story, let’s dig in!

Pastel coloured chairs with wooden tables invite you in when you meet Ritu on the front desk. She smiles asking you for your order, and that’s enough for you to feel the joy that this place brings with it. An array of happy posters line one of the walls, books are on the other shelf, and multiple blackboards show you the menu.

The dessert fridge next to the counter immediately grabs eyeballs, serving its purpose truly.

They have an upper section with more tables to sit and eat with view of Billing and the Tibetan colony. That floor also has three rooms that are available to stay in by June 16 itself. Named ‘Joy’, ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Love’, they’re rooms you’d want to live in when in Bir.


Hailing from Mumbai means the menu reads something like – pao bhaaji, grilled sandwich, cutting chai and more. They do tasty pastas and amazing shakes. Recently added Thai curry also has quite the fan base already or the freshly baked breads. Since it opens up at 9am you can have a hearty breakfast here too.

This veg and egg café serves food that will make you feel warm but it’s their desserts that make people go for that second cup of cappuccino or mocha. Banana walnut cake, carrot nutella cake, brownie or truffle, take your pick from the plethora of options and enjoy your meal thoroughly.


Priced on the higher end, it is worth every bite. The cakes are for INR 130 for a slice, pao bhaaji is for INR 160, Thai curry is priced at INR 240 and so on.

Best time to go

Since the café is shut during monsoon, the best time is really summers. Though winters will be a delight too with the introduction of hot chocolate and soups in your diet.

Things to do

In the property

• Eat and drink to your heart’s content!

• Read books while watching people pass by

• Sit outside and play with dogs on the street

Around the property

Take a walk in the Tibetan colony

The colony is just 2 minutes away from the café. With Tibetan vibes and prayer flags all around, it’s an easy stroll amidst vibrant shops. The walk will give you an insight into the lives of the Tibetan locals.

Go paraglide!

If you’re in the world’s second highest site to paraglide, and you don’t indulge in this adventure sport, it would be stupid, right? Go for it and come back to have your cuppa at June 16 – win-win situation!

Getting there

The nearest metro city to anywhere in Himachal is precisely Chandigarh but Delhi is more accessible.

By air: Take a flight to Dharamshala airport and hire a cab till Bir. The drive will take about 2 hours.

By train: Nearest station is Pathankot, from where you can take the toy train till Ahju and then a bus/cab till Bir.

By road: Drive down through majestic views in your own car or in the bus to reach the valley of the Dhauladhar ranges.

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