Goa - A love affair with my life!

12th Oct 2018
Day 1

"Goa ke plans humesha cancel hone ke liye bante hai". I've proved this statement wrong. I planned a week-long trip 2 months ago, and faced many challemges to execute my plan .

This trip to Goa was something else. Though this was my second visit there, I literally experienced life this time. Everyday had a new experience to count on. 38 hours of train journey from Chandigarh to Goa, 400kms of bullet ride in Goa, met some awesome people during the journey, late night walks,  beaches, the sun, and the great goan feels! Even explored some offbeat destinations there. I believe in making good memories and these stamps of memories in my mind are the permanent ones! And without my friend, Saksham, I don't think I could have had more fun with anyone else! I see a best travel partner in him.

According to me, everyone must visit Goa every year for atleast a week. Goa is such a beautiful place, that on reaching there you get to breakup with all the tensions and worries of your life.

Riding bullet in Goa. A dream, within a dream. It's an inception. The feeling of driving in Goa is priceless, and my excitement levels were already over the roof! A short road trip that we took to South Goa cannot be forgotten easily. The variations of the roads, from broad highways to narrow lanes, from straight roads to bumpy ones in the mountains, that clearly lead to the most beautiful beaches in South Goa was worth an experience. I will not forget a funny incident that happened with us. It was a toughest time of pulling the bike for 2 kms when the fuel went out, with sun shining over our head with all its might.!

Goa is divided in three major regions - North Goa, Old Goa and South Goa. Old Goa is 'The Historical Paradise'. The explorers would love it there to find interesting historical hidden secrets of Goa. North Goa is basically the 'Party section of Goa', where a group of friends can hangout and experience the late night clubbings and all. To experience the night life, one must go and explore the electric atmosphere that is created in Tito's lane near baga beach. Trust me, that beach at night has its own falvour that cannot be tasted anywhere else. You'll probably find more crowd there at night than in the day time.!

Okay, now let me come to South Goa. If you're in a mood to relax and experience the serenity and hear the sound of silence, South Goa is the place for you. Just sitting by the beach, playing some good music and just chilling there. You'll literally find your soul come inside out when you get to see the sunrises and sunsets of South Goan beaches. We were staying near Baga beach in North Goa and decided to pull off our royal enfield to the South for a day. Due to the shortage of time, we got to go to only two beaches and I think that was the best part of my Goa trip. We reached Agonda beach and I was mesmerisized by this magnetic place. I think this beach has the cleanest sand in Goa and there was literally no one on the beach, just blue waters, sunshine and us. We played some peaceful music on our speaker and just chilled out for an hour there. Next we searched for some virgin beach nearby to explore and found the Cabo-de-Rama beach. This was the best experience in Goa. While standing on the hilltop and searching for the way to get down to the beach, we were so complled to look at this spectacular view of the infinite Arabian sea, and honestly saying, when I got there, I found my jaw dropped and all I wanted was to pinch myself just to confirm that this is not a dream! I still remember the ocean breeze and I can still feel it. It was around 2 0'clock and I wanted to capture the sunset from this place, but unfortunately, I couldn't. We had to go 100kms back to the north which was a 3 hours drive from Cabo-de-Rama.

Being a travel photographer and nature lover, I've seen the most beautiful, entharlling and mesmerising sunsets of my life so far. I remeber having ordered our meal at Anjuna Beach, it was sunset time and I left everything just to view this beauty of life. The sunset from Anjuna was so spellbouding that I did not even notice the sweet fragrance of the honey pancake that was infront of me.  Next day, I captured some long-exporure shots of the sunset from the Ozran beach in small Vagator and trust me, Vagator has got the best heavenly sunset views in North Goa. It felt like time stopped for a moment and everything came to a standstill! That was beautiful. I felt like sitting calmly and meditating there. I cannot even describe it in words, one must go there by himself and experience this.

One must just let all go and explore the world! There is so much to see and learn from life that it is beyond anyone's imaginatons.

Photo of Goa - A love affair with my life! by raghav kalra
Photo of Goa - A love affair with my life! by raghav kalra