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Goa bike trip starter
Duration: 3 Days
Expenditure 7000

I'm a travel addict and use every opportunity to see new places and to go see places that i have already visited and do something new every time.

Ever since I was a kid my family liked to travel. My mom loves photography and so the passion follows on.

I've visited the major tourist attractions during my childhood.

And as I got older I liked to pursue the same.

As of now every time i get to travel i take it and document every incident with my action camera as well as phone.

What's so special about Goa?

If you are an Indian teenager, you always dream to go to Goa with your friends. Some go there to party and the others to enjoy the sober Goa. Everybody know there are tonnes of places too see in Goa. I have put up this Blog to highlight the special places i visited during my visit to Goa. I will mention this below.

So Goa is one place which will never disappoint anyone. Everybody has a good memory in Goa.

As they say " A bad day in Goa is still a better day than anywhere else". And this is very true.

I've heard from a lot of people that Goa is loosing it's charm. There were times where I thought so too. But had to change my mind once i visited the place. It's just so peaceful.

It offers so many scenic places to see. Both South and North Goa are beautiful in their own way.

The south of Goa offers so many beautiful . It is surrounded with brilliant churches like the Basilica Of Bom Jesus, which translates to good Jesus. This specific church houses the body of St. Xavier.

It's just a brilliant piece of architecture. It stands so majestic and firm. South Goa offers a lot of beaches like Palolem beach. These beaches are much cleaner than the ones in the North. But the North to have many beaches which are serene.

So North Goa. Where everyone goes. Whys is it famous? People go here because it offers a lot of parties, casinos and etc. North Goa is one of the most lively places to be in Goa. You will find tonnes of people where ever you go. People come here just to pull of the steam at the parties and return back to their hometown with sweet memories

So that's about Goa. Maybe less,but just a brief outline. So now you know where to go in Goa. i.e if you are party freak or a traveler and would like to see a few places.

My trip to Goa. What did I carry? What was my route? What did I see?

Everyone dreams of a road-trip to Goa. So I did have a road trip. I'm a biker. So I prefer taking my bike along where ever I go.And taking your bike to Goa is a dream, well for me it was turning to into a reality in a few moments. And taking your bike is the best ever thing. Cause the way to Goa is the most amazing road trip you will have. I say this because it offers all kind of terrains. From 6 lane roads for the speed to the curvy mountains for the corners.

What did I carry?

As I mentioned I rode my bike to Goa all the way from Bangalore. What is it do people carry when they go on a bike trip. So I'll drop a list of things that I carried on my trip.

Riding Jacket (LS 2 Pro biking gears.) Knee guards(Cramster knee guards) Helmet (SMK all weather helmet) Riding pants. Action camera(SJ4000 WiFi version) Skins Chocolates,biscuits. 2 liters of water. Chain lubricant.(Motul) Puncher kit. Mechanical kit Medical kit. Antibiotics. The above mentioned items are a mandatory for a safe bike trip. I always where my riding jacket wherever I go. Without my riding gear(Jacket,knee guards, helmet) it feels so unsafe on the road.

These gears will protect you from a fall and will avoid certain injuries. People who are reading this, I urge you guys to please us these riding gears. Please do wear helmets and always have your rear view mirrors on. Not many people emphasize on rear view mirrors. Removing these mirrors cause a major portion of the accidents today. I've heard many people say that their bikes looks good without the rear view mirrors. But what's the point of the looks when you take a crash . My sincere advice to please use rear view mirrors on your bikes. It makes you aware of things behind you as well. While riding a bike it's important to know what's behind you. So that's about the safety aspect of riding.

Now why I skins while riding , is that they absorb sweat easily and they are very easily to wash and are very light during the ride.

Chocolates and biscuits is a must. When you are riding 500-1000 kms in a day. The entire sugar in your blood is used up while riding. And you will tend to get really tired. So chocolates provide the necessary sugar and keep you going. And of-course water to keep you hydrated.

The route to Goa is one of the most simplest route. So I traveled to Goa with my friend Prithvi.

The route to Goa is Bangalore-Tumkur-Chitradurga-Davengere-Hubli-Doodhsagar-Goa.

I started my journey from Bangalore at 1700 hours in the evening. I headed to Tumkur to meet my friend who was going to ride with me. I stayed over at his place. We planned to leave at 0600 hours.

We left as planned. And took the route as mentioned above. Very scenic route, lot of kind people on the way and very safe.

Things to be careful about. The ghat sections. They are very scenic, but are twice as dangerous. On the ghat sections please be very careful.

And also very limited petrol bunks, make sure you are fueled up at all times.

What did I see?

So my ride wasn't directly to Goa. I'm kind off a adventure freak. I like getting lost. So me and my friend took an off-road detour at Chitradurga. We went deep into the wind farm looking for windmills. We did find an amazing spot. I stayed there for about half an hour to just enjoy the wind.

The wind speeds here are so high. It feels so good to stand there after 180 kms.

Next stop was at Davangere. Davangere is really famous for its Benne Dosa (Butter Dosa). They are one of the most tastiest things I have eaten. So highly recommended to have these Dosa's while on the road.

Our next stop was to Hubli. We stopped at Hubli to meet Prithvi's friend's. If you guys reading this, it was very nice meeting you guys. Hope to see you guys soon.

Next stop was a Goa. We didn't stop anywhere. Started at Hubli and ended at Panjim.

The ride from Hubli was very challenging because it was 1800 hours. It was pretty late and we till had 280 kms to go, which included a ghat section. To add to this there were heavy rains.

Due to these rains we had to maintain an average speed of 40 Km/hr,which is pretty slow compared to the distance that had to be covered. To add to that it started getting really dark.

So we have about 200 kms to go and its raining heavily and its pitch dark. And especially at the ghat sections it gets very scary. And the route also include a wildlife reserve which just had to add to it.

I have problems with my vision while riding at night. So thanks to Prithvi. I had to follow his tail light the entire way and also we were communicating via the SENA *(Will brief about SENA in the end). And every turn and every obstacle he would warn me. It was so great to have him along, else I'm pretty sure I would have crashed. And to add to that fog slowly descends, which made it even harder to see. It was about 2200 hours. We had been riding non stop for over 16 hours for about 600+ kms. And we were exhausted. We had to crash. But where do we crash on freaking ghat section. So we had to buckle up and continue the ride.

And we hadn't booked any hotel to crash for the night. And that was another task that we had to look out for. Find an hotel at about 0000 hours.

We did find a hotel who ripped us. He charged us 1700 INR. And had the worst service ever. The hotel staff were pretty rude. Goa International to be exact the hotel's name. If you are visiting Goa please do avoid this hotel. After taking the rooms and drying all our clothes we jut called it a day and slept at about 0130 hours.

So the next day we woke up at 0700 hours and dressed up and packed and were ready to leave to the Bag-packer hostel we initially planned to stay. The hostel was about 20 Kms from where we were.

And the backpacker hostel was one of the best part of our trip. Met really amazing people from various parts of the world. The hostel is called Paapi Chulo. It is situated at Vagator , Goa.

It's a place where a lot of similar kind of people you would meet. Lot of solo travelers from various parts of the world. It felt really good speaking to them. All of us there had so much in common.

This place would be ideal for teenagers to just go and chill there for a few days. The hostel charges a mere 200 INR per night . Which is very cheap if you are a budget traveler. They do have their own kitchen. And the food is pretty affordable. They have an excellent graffiti and a very good taste in music.

This hostel is 200 mts away from Ozran beach. It is one of the cleanest beach back in Goa. You will find a lot of foreign tourists here. We have Indians too, But not many people come here. The beach is pretty safe any time of the day provided you know your limits.

I'll share my YouTube video link for the same below. Please do have a watch and like share and subscribe.


Photos of Goa, India 1/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 2/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 3/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 4/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 5/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 6/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 7/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 8/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 9/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 10/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 11/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 12/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 13/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 14/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 15/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 16/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 17/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 18/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 19/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 20/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 21/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 22/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 23/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 24/25 by Nikhil Rajaram
Photos of Goa, India 25/25 by Nikhil Rajaram

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