GOA Offbeat Places 2021 - Bhupar Waterfall &Mallikarjuna Temple


GOA Offbeat Places 2021

On day 3 we visited few offbeat places in GOA that are unexplored and unique in their own way. As I said, Goa is not just about beaches but also known for its natural waterfalls and oldest temples. We explored Mallikarjuna temple, Chapoli Dam and Bhupar waterfall in GOA 2021.

Exploring and making South Goa vlogs in Monsoon is something I enjoyed a lot.

Places we covered in this vlog (South Goa):

1. Mallikarjuna Temple goa

2. Bhupar Waterfall

3. Chapoli Dam and Backwaters

The above places are some of the places you must visit if you are in Sough Goa. Also, we tried Goan food (Goa food) while travelling.

I hope you like these unique places in Goa I visited.