GOA UNLOCKED - An Alternative Travel Guide 2020


Travelling to Goa has always been the same old routine of heavy continental food, walks on the beach, occasional drives to South Goa and late night parties. But this time, I decided to take it slow and live like a Goan, feel its legacy, touch the beautiful unexplored side of Goa and not just party or stroll the beaches.

So instead of just blindly running behind the so called best places to visit in Goa, I traveled slowly and thoroughly. This was an experience which changed my perspective about Goa forever. The thing that I think has changed the most for me is how simple life can be in Goa, yet beautiful enough for people who settled there centuries ago. It was surprising to know how Goan families did not allow their kids to cross North Goa and visit Baga or Calangute beach. I also learned the concept of 'Aada Padap' which makes life king size for Goans.

Mix all this with the authentic Goan fish curry and a specially made fenny cocktail, the whole experience was completed with the joy of getting to live like a true Goan for a few days!

But in the end do remember that COVID is still very much a REALITY !!!

It's true that Goa is opening up for tourism, but is it safe to travel during Covid. Well we are not here to give you GYAAN on travelling to Goa after lockdown. But it goes without saying that if possible please avoid travelling for some more time. Still if you have to, please travel responsibly - not only for your own sake but for others as well. So a Goa trip in 2020/21 should be done keeping all the precautions in mind