Goa's Hidden Gem - Cola beach, South Goa | 2021 |

Photo of Goa's Hidden Gem - Cola beach, South Goa | 2021 | 1/3 by Akansha

Recently I kept a story on Insta and Fb about my trip to Goa and received soooo many DM's asking about the place..And here I am revealing the place with all the details. I have been to Goa many time but this time I planned to explore South Goa, and Without hesitation, my favourite part of the entire Trip was "Cola Beach". I'm so glad I planned this. Many travellers plan their travels here and may feel a bit overwhelmed with questions like...Should I stay in North Goa, South Goa or Panjim? Which is the best beach in South Goa? And when you finally think of exploring hidden gems of South Goa, probably the only names that pop up in your mind are: Palolem, Agonda, Butterfly Island and Varca beach right? But not many really know about Cola beach.

Photo of Goa's Hidden Gem - Cola beach, South Goa | 2021 | 2/3 by Akansha

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, truly mesmerising, and breathtaking. But the most beautiful part is the river and its Blue lagoon which gives Cola beach a unique landscape, different from most other beaches in Goa. The Blue Lagoon, also known as ⁣⁣Our journey to Cola Beach began with a two-hour drive from Madgoan. From there we rented an activa. It was 2.30 hr Journey but It was a good experience though. Getting to Cola isn't very easy, to put it simply. The sign boards are non-existent. Just to make you aware, there is an unpaved off-road with bumpy rock formations, with red mud all over, that stick out along the path. This place is that it is not yet a commercial success. And that's the reason we found less than a dozen travellers on this quaint beach. It has kept Cola Beach more serene, clean and pristine hidden Gem. (Hence, I advise to coming here only in the day and Do not attempt this drive with cars that are too low to the ground) Guys Don't confuse Cola with Colva beach, as many others do. It's not the same; Colva is actually located an hour away from Cola. Well, getting to this pristine remote beach could be quite tiring, but at the end, it's all worth it. Unlike other South Goa beaches, Cola only got a handful of options like Blue Lagoon Resort, Cola Beach Resort, and Dwarka Eco Beach Resort. We found them a bit expensive because of a Long weekend. So we considered staying and spending night at Agonda beach which was close to the Cola beach. You can consider one of the following amazing beaches after recharging in beautiful Cola Beach: Agonda Beach, Palolem,Butterfly Beach, Dudhsagar Waterfall If you still haven't experienced the south Goa life, all I'll say is pack your bags and leave for the most enthralling trips of your life! "Goa is definitely beyond beaches" Hope you've enjoyed this blog post about Cola Beach. Check out my Instagram for more travel posts. It is one of the remote beaches of Goa that is suitable for those seeking a lovely place for complete peace and relaxation. The golden beach barely sees any tourists even during the peak season, which keeps the location serene and clean, thus making it nothing less than an international beach destination. Emerald Lagoon, although it's the end of the freshwater stream that meets Cola Beach. It is called an emerald lagoon because of its clear green colours and its calm swimmable waters. You can also do kayaking here (200/- pp) . This Place is nothing Less Than Paradise. I won't blame you for feeling like the first man/woman on earth.

Photo of Goa's Hidden Gem - Cola beach, South Goa | 2021 | 3/3 by Akansha