Golden Temple - Amristar!!

12th Aug 2017
Day 1

When we say Punjab, Amritsar is first clue and after that golden temple is second one.
Yes guys you heard it correctly this is time we planned to explore this golden temple along with amritsar.

Amritsar is a place of great beauty and sublime peacefulness. This temple is the pride and soul of the Sikhs. The major attraction is golden body, mystic pond and the mouth watering halwa and so more to the list.

We reached Delhi via flight and from the we took a bus as its approx 500kms from delhi. It's an overnight journey & we reached Amritsar in morning and get  freshen up in the t hotel and out of excitement  we directly went to Golden temple. The best thing about this temple is that  believers irrespective of their religion, caste and gender come to this temple  in search of eternal bliss and always get amazed by this beauty.

Entering into the temple was an eye catcher because of the golden touch, we stayed there for a long time with peace all over the place near the water and religious vibes all over the place .
The water there along with the peace has also story attached to it.
We captured the beautiful golden temple in our eyes as well as camera & then headed towards wagah border. This border is famous as its between India and Pakistan & also for beating retreat ceremony that is held every day before sunset.
The sunset view was so mesmerizing to eyes.
Now we reserve the night for the lights which looks beautiful in night at Akal Takht. This place is famous for its astonishing lights all over the place in night.

These 3 places are the mandate of one is going to Amristar because after exploring these one can say we explored the full Amristar.

One should always take some time and effort to visit this place. A must visit place with family.

Photo of Amritsar, Punjab, India by ayushi kabra
Photo of Amritsar, Punjab, India by ayushi kabra
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