Gorgeous Gokarna

11th Dec 2013

The Setting Sun

Photo of The Setting Sun by Anuradha Saha

As we were relaxing on Om Beach

Photo of As we were relaxing on Om Beach by Anuradha Saha

Paradise Beach

Photo of Paradise Beach by Anuradha Saha

View On Our Way to Gokarna

Photo of View On Our Way to Gokarna by Anuradha Saha

A Lonesome Birdie

Photo of A Lonesome Birdie by Anuradha Saha

Namaste Cafe

Photo of Namaste Cafe by Anuradha Saha
Photo of by Anuradha Saha


Photo of Silhouettes by Anuradha Saha

Various Moods Of Gokarna

Photo of Various Moods Of Gokarna by Anuradha Saha

The Rocky Beauty

Photo of The Rocky Beauty by Anuradha Saha

At Sunset

Photo of At Sunset by Anuradha Saha

The Beautiful Half Moon Beach

Photo of The Beautiful Half Moon Beach by Anuradha Saha

Bird's View

Photo of Bird's View by Anuradha Saha

Om Beach Resort

Photo of Om Beach Resort by Anuradha Saha

Gokarna is a sensory treat to say the least. After working in Bangalore for months and even after quarterly trips to the South, how could I have missed it for 4 years!

It was a dream holiday. After 11 hours of motion sickness we reached Om Beach Resort driving 580 kms approx from Bangalore.

The first sight of Kudle Beach blew my mind away. Such a pristine beach in India ! Bravo ! Hardly anyone else was there. It felt as if I have my very own private beach. The sparkling blue water was so inviting that we plunged into it within seconds of dropping our bags at the nearby rock ! Yes..we had made it to heaven. Nothing mattered then..No career tensions..no unfulfilled dreams. There was blue skies, the blue water and white sand. The magnificent rocks made me feel so inconsequential. As if my worries are so petty. The ocean put me in right into my pretty little place. In that moment I felt so free. My friends had already started swimming in the clear water.

Visiting Gokarna by far has been the best thing I did for myself. You have to see it to believe the eternal beauty of this place. For beach bums like me this has been one of the best spots till date. We swam for a very long time then headed towards one of the many shacks spotting the beach. Unlike Goa these shacks are not ubiquitous. We had average meals in a place called Shanti Cafe. Then we plunged once again into the sparkling water. We had heard a lot about Namaste Cafe. So we made a plan of visiting the place for dinner. Nutella Pancakes at Namaste Cafe was yummy !! So was the grilled chicken stake !! We had a scrumptious meal there. When we headed home we were totally spent. Rounds of UNO had to be played and numerous songs to be sung. It was a heady party !!

Day one was perfectly spent amongst the cozy cottage of Om Beach Resort. The next day we planned to chill at Om Beach, Paradise beach and Half Moon Beach. After going for a stroll at the local market and buying a pair of pretty wood carved elephants we headed towards the beach. It was a perfect day ! The sun shone brightly, the wind danced gleefully and the ocean was a sparkling blue. We were in heaven ! We danced on the beach and tried to learn some Kickboxing Moves too ! We swam for hours before gorging into Namaste Cafe delicacies. Amazing how nature can bring the best in you. I wish to make trip to this slice of heaven very soon !

After a relaxing swim in the sparkling waters of Gokarna nothing satiates you more than the Nutella Pancakes and Grilled food in this lovely Cafe sprawling with locals and foreigners alike. A balmy place to just chat with your friends or play UNO and show them the 4+( Plus 4) Card..A must visit place..
Photo of Namaste Cafe, Gokarna by Anuradha Saha
Spacious, clean and in the lap of nature. This resort is really worth every penny we spent on it. We stayed in one of the outhouses and its beautiful with one room and one drawing room. Three of us stayed comfortably. The food was decent.
Photo of OM BEACH RESORT, Om beach Road, Banglegudda, Gokarna, Karnataka, India by Anuradha Saha
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Have you been to Malpe beach and St. Mary's island in Udupi? You should definitely give it a try. Check my blog on it. :)
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