Great Endeavour Of Kerala Rulers: Palaces Stand As Epitome Of Culture And Heritage

4th Aug 2017
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What not in Kerala is the wonder that every tourist encounter after their visit in Kerala. Blanketed with the verdant hills and misty mountains, soothing beaches and backwaters are not just the significance of a Kerala tour. To dig the past with utter curiosity and inspect the glorious history of Kerala, suggested plan will be the visit to famous palaces and forts. For shaping the culture and history of Kerala, the then valiant rulers have a prominent contribution. Their strength was depicted and proved in the form of construction of majestic forts and palaces which are still, preserved to exhibit the strength of the then Kerala. Presently these remain as the epitome of freedom and power. Understanding our history and tradition is equally important, thus instead of gazing at the green meadows of hill stations, watch through the majestic walls and peep into the history. Some of the places in Kerala are as follows.

Kannakakunnu Palace In Trivandrum

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The palace is located in the capital of the state, Trivandrum. Napier museum is near to the palace and the unique way of construction makes the palace, an attractive tourist destination. The red faceted walls of palace and Kerala style roofs will capture the eyes of any visitors arriving there. During the royal era, the family has built this place exclusively to invite the guests and serve them non-vegetarian food as the family being vegetarian itself. Incredible Kerala tour packages for family can arrange a trip to Trivandrum and make witness the eminent place. Various cultural events and meetings will be conducted each year.

Koyikkal Palace, Trivandrum

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This palace is located at Nedumangad, Trivandrum with two storeyed building and a Nalukettu. Situated far from the city, the palace currently showcases the rich cultural background of Kerala with its exhibits. Constructed mainly for a queen in the royal family, who had been on the throne and ruled for many years. This double storeyed building with traditional Nalukettu, inner courtyard, and gabled roofs encompasses a folklore and numismatic museum set up by archaeological department. The folklore museum portrays household utensils occupational implements and tools used by ancient Kerala. Numismatic museum exhibits coins from different parts of the world and is one such museum in Kerala. These coins depict the trade relations of Kerala during the bygone era. Visit the place to get an insight into the lifestyle of the Keralites then and prestigious trade relations. a precious belonging in the museum is the coin presented to Jesus Christ. To watch the splendid history, visit during 9 in the morning and closure will be till 5 in the evening, with Monday as a holiday.

Kilimanoor Palace In Trivandrum

The Royal resident structure of a wizard of painting, prince Raja Ravi Varma where he had learned the basics of painting. Palace is spread over 15 acres of land and is built in traditional Kerala model with Nalukettu. At the very first entrance, the path leads to the studio of Raja Ravi Varma where he spends his entire life to discover something extraordinary, his artistic talents got wings from here. He utilized the structure of the palace and its interesting settings to encompass in his portraits. He was a renowned painter who reached his arts to international. Great chance to witness the birth place of such an artist is worthy of a lifetime. Behold the small and medium sized buildings, ponds and sacred groves of the palace.

Padmanabhapuram Palace

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Towards the end of mainland India, close to Kanyakumari lies wooden palace of 16 Th century is a perfect specimen of the indigenous architecture of Kerala. Palace is an enticing edifice to art lovers and was the residence of Rajas of the erstwhile Travancore. Intricate rosewood carvings, 18 Th century murals, and sculptured decor is obviously a visual treat to the eyes of the visitors.There are windows with colored mica and royal chairs with Chinese carvings and get amazed by its view while your Amazing family holiday packages Kerala. The temple with misery and centuries old is the description given to Sree Padmanabha temple and unique idol is the great trademark of the temple. A hallmark of traditional Kerala style architecture, Padmanabhapuram Palace is located inside the fort which is having 4 kilometers of a stretch.

Shaktan Thampuran Palace of Thrissur

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Blend of architectural styles of Dutch and Kerala, Vadakkekara Palace is situated in the cultural state of Kerala, Thrissur. The palace has undergone a reconstruction in 1795 and until now maintained by the Department of Archeology of the state. For tourism purposes, the palace was encompassed with a museum in the year of 2005. Shaktan Thampuran was a valiant ruler of Kerala and Thrissur Pooram was the brainchild of this great ruler. Here in the palace portrays of various rulers and events of Thrissur can be spotted.

The Krsihnapuram Palace in Alleppey

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Built in the 18 Th century, Krishnapuram Palace is located at Alleppey having a museum inside. Maintained by the Department of Archaeology, the royal palace features the traditional architecture of Kerala. At the entrance, there is a large pond and people believe there are underground hidden passages. The museum showcases old artifacts, belongings of occupants and weapons used in ancient period with Gorgeous Kerala tour packages. Dormer windows, narrow corridors, and gabled roofs are the major eye catching facet of the palace.

Hill Palace in Ernakulam

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The largest heritage museum of Kerala is located at Ernakulam, specifically at Tripunithura. Palace was built by the royal family of Cochin to safeguard children and women during the battles from enemy troops. Hundreds of tourists visit the place especially to watch the 1075 kg gold crown presented by the Portuguese king and Hebrew bible written on goats skin. Indoor settings have a perfect royal attire still relishing its eminence. Durbar hall where King used to conduct meetings is exhibited. Around the premises, children's park is laid along with a small deer park.

Mattancherry Palace in Kochi(Dutch Palace)

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Contrary to its popular name, in reality, the palace was constructed by Portuguese and later renovated with the aid of Dutch. The purpose of its construction was to present it as a gift to Maharaja of Cochin in 15 Th century to assuage him as they plundered a temple close by. Currently, the palace is a portrait House of murals and snap shots depicting the existence of the Kings of Kochi. Mural artwork symbolizing the episodes and characters of epic tales and Hindu temple artwork has gained principal popularity right here. In the coronation corridor, the 17 Th century work of art, costumes, turbans, palanquins and different trappings are exhibited. The palace is built in Kerala fashion with conventional Nallukettu with large significant courtyard and temple. Tourists with Enticing Kerala tour packages from Bangalore came to witness the historically prominent places. Some of the structure shadows a European contribution like arches and the King's bedchamber has royal artwork and there is an ivory palanquin, a howdah, royal umbrellas, ceremonial get dressed used by the royalty, stamps, cash, and drawings.

while you travel to Kerala places, the sight of intriguing art works, royal chairs, musical bows in Mahagonny and Chinese carvings often reflect various shadows of contribution by foreign reign. Still, its splendor is untouched by the ruthless hands of anti cultural creeds.

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