Groot Constantia, Cape Town SA

Photo of Groot Constantia, Cape Town SA 1/1 by Neha Chauhan

I wrote this post while in South Africa, but didn't post until today. I guess because it was about wine and vineyards, here's secretly hoping that like wine it might get better with age ????

I am taking you to one of the world's oldest vineyards since 168Os or so. This is my first time in a vineyard & cannot explain the beauty it holds, the never-ending sight of acres of wineries. Neon greens and pink sunset to look forward to.

Constantia is a suburb near Cape Town and holds some of the ridiculously expensive villas in the country blessed with woodlands & mountain as the backdrop. Our guide told me even Princess Diana used to have a home here so you do the math.

Needless to say, the air was unadulterated, the wine was nuanced, and the sun was perfect to compensate the nip. Kids were playing without a care in the world while grown kids were swirling and sipping on the liquid gold.

It was a perfect Afternoon. We made friends from around the world. One of the Brazillian claimed to be Neymar's brother wearing his T-shirt. I believed him.. drinks made everything looks real.

Pictures cannot do justice to the beauty this place holds or even Capetown holds in general. Even the Traffic Signals are the sight to behold overlooking Table Mountain or Lion's Head or enormous ocean.

We wouldn't have done justice to Capetown if left without a day dedicated to Beach. The camps bay beach does the honor with the magnificent view of Twelve Apostolos at the back with white sands and chilled ocean water. We spent our last day soaking the sun on Beach and later walked to the hotel.

It was once a dream to visit these places like a chapter waiting to be written in the book of my life.

I hope you enjoyed the view. Do share if you

Do share if you liked the blog and have been to or want to go to Capetown.

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