Guidelines for Group travel to Europe from India 

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Europe a beautiful continent, filled with rich greenery all over, picturesque views, cool weather, has always been a popular destination for many Indians during summer. There are many packages offered to Europe by many popular Travel houses, all over India. I booked one those packages, and visited four countries, with my family. There I learnt easy, simple, enjoyable travel, which I am sharing in form of guidelines, for first time travellers to Europe.


-It is better to book for Europe packages in the month of October -November. I booked in October end and got lot of discounts for travel.

-Ready your visa documents, in advance, and keep it aside, for when you go for visa submission, you won't be tensed up and you can avoid last minute rush, which will be avoiding stress. I remember readying the documents by February, and we had our visa interview in March whereby I went as a cool customer.

-once your travel documents, are ready, keep in touch with the travel house, and the local tour manager.

-As you pack for the journey, so you pack your documents and recheck them double, triple times for throughout the trip, passport, visa play a major part.

-Keep yourself updated on the place you are going to travel, the spots you are going to see, local food, shopping markets and safety rules regarding that destination. You would be more cautious, more careful, more aware, at the same time you will find yourself enjoying, once your mind is fully updated.

-Make it a point to call the local tour manager, to check on the ticket, travel journey, airlines name, timing,tour guide name and number,hours before the travel, for most of the flights leave midnight or early morning from India. Have soft copies, and xerox copies of the whole trip in hand.

So everything is through, you start your journey, and arrive in Europe.


-Introduce yourself individually to your Tour guide when you meet in Europe. They are mostly Indians, who speak good English and are very courteous too.

-Check if your names are on the tour list, without fail.

-On the first day itself, they tell you lot of do's and don'ts in Europe. They share their numbers, store them in your contact list without fail. It is always better to talk to them face to face, still having their numbers handy helps a lot.

-Being ready half hour before or fifteen minutes before the scheduled time of your tour, announced by your guide, is better,for it helps your mind, body to relax and gives a positive start for the days trip.

-Every guide holds a flag in their hands, which has the Travel house name. Following that flag will never make you lost.

-Always inform your guide in advance, if you are not coming for dinner, or attending or seeing any spot."Travelling on my own" is the term to be said to the guide. Also if you ask them safe mode of local transport they will guide you. In my Paris tour, there was a Lido show. Instead we planned to see the Eiffel Tower in the night, and enjoy some nightlife too. When asked he guided us whereby we enjoyed and got back safe too.

-In every spot, your guide will give you timings to spend and get back to the coach, recheck the timings once again,with your guide. At the same time, enquire about washrooms, whether they are paid or free. Your guide will also show you cafes, where both coffee, tea, Indian food are sold.

-Timings play a major part in your tour. Believe me if we are late we miss seeing many spots in Europe. Also, besides your family and loved ones, your guide also panicks till you are back to the coach safe.

Besides the above there are many more guidelines, which I might be not aware of. Each travel is a new learning and a new experience. The ultimate goal at the end of each travel is peacefulness,which I attained at the end of my Europe travel.

Photo of Guidelines for Group travel to Europe from India  2/2 by Backpack with Radhika

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