Hampi: A Passageway To The Golden Era of Architecture

11th Mar 2017

Intricate, surreal & stunning - Hampi

Photo of Hampi: A Passageway To The Golden Era of Architecture by Srikanth Kanchinadham

In the bright months of March, I took a journey through history that is etched in my mind with memories that will never fade. A journey that rekindled my existing memory of running through lush paddy fields set against the rugged southern regions, while refining an entirely new perception of how landscapes can even exist. I set myself up for a journey to the erstwhile capital of the highly revered Vijay¬anagara kingdom - Hampi, a treasured land that perfectly amalgamates eccentricity with extravagance. I went to the ruins of Hampi where the unearthly landscapes, giant boulders, undulating terrains, lush paddy fields and rusty hues defined every sight that one can assimilate. A true testament to timelessness, the craggy landscapes instill a sense of surrealism in every moment.

Photo of Hampi: A Passageway To The Golden Era of Architecture 1/1 by Srikanth Kanchinadham
Tungabhadra River

I moved across the barren lands to find unmatched beauties in the form of structures and carvings. The splendor of Hampi’s creative architectural prowess can be witnessed at numerous sights across the town. Standing tall amidst them is the Virupaksha Temple with its towering gopuram. Silhouetted structures of Hampi set against the blaring sunlight throw a shadow of adoration one has for the projections that were far ahead of its time. With tranquility ensuing in the three directions of the temple, one can find the bustle of Hampi at the bazaar which with its artisans and craftsmen serves the needs of both the nomadic travelers and the sophisticated tourists.

The rugged landmark of the highly adored Vijaya Vittala Temple holds magnificence in every pillar, some of which produce a range of musical notes when struck. While I soaked into the flavors of yore, I was always broiled with the dilemma of choosing to rest my sight on the undulating landscapes or the majestic architecture that set its foundation everywhere. Sitting atop the exalted Anjanadri Hill during the golden hour, I could witness the passageway to another age and time where one’s perception of reality is altered to do justice to the backdrop. Tied & rooted to the bygone beauty, reality around Hampi is always over the hills and far away, inspiring every soul to see beyond the four walls of possibilities.

The exclusive motifs of Hampi are evident across the land, from restaurants to the local artisans spread all the way till Hospet. The ruined town has multiple layers of complex historical tales within them that I could only dream to comprehend. While spending my days meandering through Hampi, I could immerse myself into a space that allowed me to transverse between creativity, imagination and cognition. The surrealism that Hampi exhumes is mythical and mystical; a fabled story of land, surroundings and fantasy; a feeling that truly transports you into the golden era of art & architecture.