Haunted Treks/Hikes Of India☠️

9th Oct 2018
Photo of Haunted Treks/Hikes Of India☠️ by SONIA DAVID

For a lot of us, trekking or hiking is an activity that brings close to nature, feel the fresh air, climb the mountains and witness a breath taking view! But there are few who differ, these are the people who find classic trek very mundane and they rather seek more adventurous and thrilling side of it! They have very less to do with nature and more to do with the spooky side of it.

If you are one among them, or if you are someone who is just curious to know more about such places, then here is the list of treks / hikes of the forts / forests that look stunningly beautiful in the daylight, but gives a horror vibe in the night.

1. Torna Fort, Maharashtra.

Torna is one among the jewels of Western Ghats. Around 50kms, away from Pune, it is also called as ‘Eagle’s Nest’ as it is one of the highest forts. Besides its wonderful views, it is also known for its countless horror stories. A lot of campers and trekkers who have stayed overnight, have spoken about the supernatural encounters. The most common being, someone knocking on the Menghai Devi temple door, whilst campers rest inside. It’s believed that the spirits from the countless wars fought between Maratha and Mughal empire, still lingers here.

Photo of Haunted Treks/Hikes Of India☠️ by SONIA DAVID

2. Sudhagad Fort, Maharashtra.

Also known as Bhorapgad, this Fort is situated near Khopoli village and is located within dense forest. It’s believed that in the year 1982-83, 7 people were killed in the fort. Though there is no specific story as to how did they die or who killed them, the spirits of those 7, still live in the Fort and have harassed quite a lot of trekkers and campers. Few of them have even spoken about spirits entering their bodies for a little while. However, there seems to be a dog who guards the trekkers and makes them alert every time the spirits are up to something.

Photo of Haunted Treks/Hikes Of India☠️ by SONIA DAVID

3. Shaniwarwada, Maharashtra.

The former love-nest of Peshwa Bajirao and Kashi which is situated in Pune, is one among the famous tourist spots. This grand mansion, covering the vast area of 625 acres, experiences a lot of paranormal activities. There are stories of assassination, greed for power and betrayal. It’s is said that Narayanrao, the youngest son of Balaji Baji Rao was brutally killed here and till date, on the night of the New Moon, his cries and painful agony is heard inside the fort.

Photo of Haunted Treks/Hikes Of India☠️ by SONIA DAVID
Photo of Haunted Treks/Hikes Of India☠️ by SONIA DAVID

4. Golconda Fort, Hyderabad.

A fort that lies in the heart of Hyderabad, draws a lot of tourists / campers / trekkers every year. But the trekkers who have stayed post 6pm in the fort claim to see strange shadows in the ruins. One of the spookiest tales is the sighting of a dancing woman, who is believed to be the spirit of Taramati, who was a courtesan of the ruler Abdullah Qutub Shah.

Photo of Haunted Treks/Hikes Of India☠️ by SONIA DAVID

5. Trichur Forest, Kerala.

Kerela is known as ‘Gods own country’, but it isn’t just home to beaches and backwaters. There have been reports of sighting the spirit of a young boy in the forest of Trichur, after dark. Many campers / trekkers find interest in this story and they themselves go into the forest to see him. Though harmless, the young boy is said to have a dead stare that can send shivers down the spine. No ones knows why the spirit of this young boy lingers in the forest, as they is so specific story to back up.

Photo of Haunted Treks/Hikes Of India☠️ by SONIA DAVID

6. Dow Hill, West Bengal.

Dow Hill lies in the small town of Kurseong, 32 kms away from Darjeeling. The scenic town is one of the most famous haunted places in the country. The locals claim that the entire town is haunted, and trekkers have often witnessed mysterious noises in the forest. One of the popular story is of a head-less man, who stalks the trekkers and few trekkers, out of sheer fear, have committed suicide, as they couldn’t handle the sighting of the head-less man.

Photo of Haunted Treks/Hikes Of India☠️ by SONIA DAVID

What do you have to say about these places? Do you know any more of such spooky locations? Do mention them in the comments section!

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