Hawa Mahal : The Pink City Jaipur

25th Oct 2018
Photo of Hawa Mahal : The Pink City Jaipur by RD Prajapati
Day 1

If you trust in planning to travel, then you start putting the accounts of holidays falling in the entire year from November last year! This is the situation, the holiday in 2017 and their account book, as soon as the new calendar came in November 2016, started putting! The first setting was made in January itself! January 26 is the Republic Day holiday and the day is Thursday! Venus - If you take a leave of leave then you will become four days! Although I have a Saturday holiday but first-thirty and this was the fourth Saturday, then I will have to take two leave and get the day four! Though the idea was to go to Jaisalmer but the children's mind was to roam in Jaipur, I have gone three or four times! For a few days, I mean 15 -20 days in my college days! Actually my mother was there and Fufa was in the High Court! Bua ji was there, it does not mean anymore and it was also a tragic moment that when she was counting her last breath, I was with her in the hospital! It was sad that moment, that time! Well, now Fuofa does not live there and it has been 17 to 18 years since Budda went to this world! Memories are also becoming blurred! But once back to the streets of Jaipur once again, the day would surely come to remembrance, when Jyoti went to the bicycle where the cyclone traveled, and until it reached the house, the life of the bride would remain stuck in the neck! When the bicycle turned towards Jyoti Nagar, it would have come to sell the ice ball and I would enter the house only when it was completely cleared by the balloon and its "footprint" mouth! In fact, the father had a clear instruction from the village that this "boy" ate in the afternoon and then falls ill! It is a different matter that Fufa ji used to drink "Wadilal" ice cream every evening! Even though I was in the category of "sick child" at that time! Ice cream (ice speaks) closed, Raita closed, rice closed! Let's go again today on the streets which the world calls "pink city"!

So before going to Jaipur, you will go to Jaisalmer from there! There is only one train from Ghaziabad to Jaipur, of which I found the Yoga Express right! At 9 pm, Ghaziabad arrives at Haridwar and transports to Jaipur at four-four o'clock! Although there are plenty of bus-trains from Delhi but who go to Delhi? Right from here! It is 25 January 2017 Babu, the day of the fierce winter is in northern India, so the train is also late, due to fog! Lie come 50 minutes, no one! So much! Reaching Delhi reached a good rains and this fucking rain continued till the next day! Do not know how fast the train driver drove the bus that reached Jaipur at just the right time! Tea y drink and freshly leave the luggage in the clock room at the station and meet our friends' app friend Devendra Kothari ji! Was in mind that Jaipur will run in the Metro! Metro Station is near the railway station only! There is only one route right now, the metro is here from the big four-way (from the heart of Jaipur) to Mansarovar! But when we reached the Metro station, its main gate was not even open! Today we were probably the first travelers! Jaipur Metro is currently in its infancy, so you will find the "Darshan" of the beet of pigeons on the station and platform, where you will meet there! Kothari ji reached here, another friend, Rajat Sharma, had also come, very good things and good luck! Thanks Kothari ji! Children played a lot of fun!

Let's go to Jaipur, but the rain is still running! Hawa Mahal will run first! The rain has started to swell and the whole fun is getting tired, the rest of the atmosphere is spoiled by the tragedy of the air! 100 rupees is a ticket, man, there is the limit! Will you spend the entire water from us? Let's go and see if you have come now !!

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