Head to this Sufi Festival in Jodhpur for a mystical experience!


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Royalty, grandeur and unconditional love and warmth—these are probably the first few things that come to the mind when Jodhpur is spoken of. The Blue City is best known for its winding lanes, rich culture, royalty and warm hospitality. However, once every year, the city soaks itself in the mystical air of Sufism and witnesses something entirely different, courtesy the World Sacred Spirit Festival.

What is the World Sacred Spirit Festival?

Incepted way back in 2007 by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust, the World Sacred Spirit Festival aims to preserve the sacred Sufi traditions of India and other parts of the world. Over the last eight years, the festival has attracted visitors who seek peace and a direct connect with the creators of the universe through mystical poetry, dance and musical performances. Much like the earlier editions, the festival is back in 2018 to host Sufi artists from India and across the globe to showcase their most sacred traditions in a breathtaking royal setting.

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When is the World Sacred Spirit Festival?

The festival will be held on the 16th and 17th of February 2018.

Where is the festival happening?

Built in 1460 by Rao Jodha, the Mehrangarh Fort often considered to be the pride of Jodhpur also happens to be the venue for the World Sacred Spirit Festival. The massive fort perched on a hilltop has several sections such as the Chokelao Gardens, Moti Mahal, Shringar Chowk, Jaswant Thada amongst others which make for a truly majestic setting for the festival.

How to reach the festival venue

There are several daily flights starting at ₹2,000 that connect Jodhpur to New Delhi. Take a cab from the airport to get to the venue in about half an hour (7.5 km). One can also drive down from New Delhi on the NH 48 to reach Jodhpur. It takes about 10 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance of 600 km.

Why you should go for it

The two-day festival promises an exciting insight into the teachings and ideologies of Sufism through cultural performances that are bound to transport you to a different world altogether. Here’s what you can expect during the course of the festival:

Day 1

The proceedings for the first day of the festival will start as early as 7 A.M. with a performance by the Lithuanian singer Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė followed by a tribute to the village of Barnawa in Rajasthan. The afternoon will see a screening of a French documentary and some heart-warming performances by Indian Sufi artists Chaar Yaar and Nawab Khan. The onset of the evening will bring with it an Iranian song and poetry session followed by a mesmerising performance by Rajasthan’s very own Irfan Tufail and Group. The last session of the day will be a simplified multimedia journey of the sacred Chishtiya.

Day 2

The second day of the festival will kick off at the Jaswant Thada with the Turkish musician Haroun Teboul taking the centerstage. This will be followed by Italian musicians Cuncordias & Elisa Marongiu showcasing the rich musical history of Sardinia Island. The Langas and Manganiyar Children, with Nawab Khan will once again enthral the audience on the second afternoon followed by Arshad Ali Khan’s 'songs of rivers' from Bengal. The second evening of the fest will also feature Ethiopian performers putting the art of Azmari poetry and dance on display. A scintillating live collaboration by Algeria’s Tuareg Ensemble and Rajasthan’s Barmer Manganiyar will bring down the curtains to the festival.

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One can buy both single-day tickets as well as season tickets for the World Sacred Spirit Festival. Click here to book yours now!


Jodhpur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The city has some exciting accommodation options that suit travellers of all kinds and budgets. Here’s our pick of the top spots you can put up in while experiencing the festival:

Umaid Bhawan Palace

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Raj Bagh - The Heritage Hotel

Photo of Head to this Sufi Festival in Jodhpur for a mystical experience! 10/11 by Siddharth Sujan

goStops Jodhpur

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For more details on the festival, visit the official website. Like the official Facebook page for all fresh updates.

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