Here’s how I Found the Best Hotel in Connaught Place for Banquet Planning


Undoubtedly, Delhi is a crowded place. It is no less than a task to find a luxury hotel that offers all kinds of hospitality services, including banquet planning. Around a month ago, I was planning an event and looking for a place where I could house my guests without any difficulty.

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While exploring all hotels in Central Delhi, I came across Hotel Connuaght Royale, a business hotel located at a fantastic place. Although, I had heard of the hotel and its luxury services before, I was worried about the cost. I had a hunch that it’s an expensive luxury hotel where I cannot afford to host an event.

However, after some research and contacting the hotel’s official, I came to known that they have one of the best banquet halls in Connaught place that too within my budget. I immediately booked it to host my event.

It was a memorable event with worry-free experience. I got what I was promised by the hotel officials. They were assisting us throughout the planning and the implementation. They also told us about several different options to try, and also designed a special package for us.

I am a businessman and take part in many conferences and meeting in Delhi. After using the services of Hotel Connuaght Royale, I have decided to plan events or meetings in this hotel alone. They have given me an unforgettable experience.

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