Here's 5 things you can do at Worlds of Wonder, Noida

A crazy experience at Worlds of Wonder in Noida

Worlds of Wonder in Noida is the place where you need to be if you have a weekend free in Delhi. It is an amusement park with some crazy rides. When you are with your friends and are looking for some level of crazy fun or something different to do in Delhi, this is where you need to be.

Here are 5 rides which you have to experience at Worlds of Wonder in Noida:

1. Chart Smashers - This ride is a version of Bumper cars which you must have enjoyed during your childhood. We sat on this ride and felt like children all over again.

2. Mad Bull - This ride has an automatic bull which moves at different speeds and you need to learn to control it. This ride has originated in Spain. It is a fun experience to control the bull and the ride ends when you fall off. Falling is also fun because it feels like a trampoline.

3. Rockin Roller - This ride is the best ride at the park. I have been to Disney World as well but this beats most of the rides there too. You totally have to try this if you are an adrenaline junkie.

4. Shanghai Swinger - On this ride, I felt like a princess. It was a circular ride on which we need to sit. It achieves a good height once it goes up and gives some spectacular views of the city.

5. Fast Forward - On this ride, you experience a fast moving cart which goes up and down like a centipede. It can go really fast sometimes. It is a great experience to sit here and scream with friends.

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