Here's How Rajasthan Celebrates Each Day with a Riot of Colours

Photo of Here's How Rajasthan Celebrates Each Day with a Riot of Colours by Neeti Chopra

Rajasthan literally translates to the 'Land of Kings'. The name is still pertinent as Rajasthan hold its regal past close to its heart in its architecture, opulent palaces, traditions and mores. Haunted by tourists everyday who pour in to the state for a taste of its rich culture, Rajasthan mesmerises not only by its heritage but also with its play of colours.

While proud Jaipur stands awash in a delicate salmon colour; Jodhpur awes with its vibrant hues of blue. When sunlight falls on Jaisalmer and its barren desert, the whole area glitters like molten gold. Udaipur invites you to fall in love again amidst its pearly structures which gleam under soothing moonlight, while Bikaner with its vivid red facade strikes your fancy, forcing you to take a closer look at its splendour. Rajasthan's relationship with colours extends not only to its impressive architecture but also to the people there, sporting flourescent coloured turbans and saris in bright colours.

Let's take a look at how Rajasthan woos with its colourful splendour:

Jaipur - The Pink City

Better than the creators envisioned

Embellished in salmon pink and gold

Jaipur clutching on to its old-world charm

The regal opulence that is Rajasthan

Posing for a portrait as a proud pigeon family

Mysteries behind closed doors and bleeding colours

The surroundings turning delicate salmon to striking red

Looking into the windows of Hawa Mahal

Jodhpur - the Blue City

Awash with borrowed colour from the sky

Majestic forts which silently reminiscence about their glorious past

Blue structures which melt into the sky

Serene strolls through cerulean streets

You know you're a true native when you start blending in with the place

Beautiful latticed windows which cast dappled sunshine inside

The subtle hues of blue all melting into one another

The blue city lit up in all its grandeur

Jaisalmer - the Golden City

Jaisalmer fort standing the test of time gracefully

A seemingly endless sea of sand

The sun's play of colours as the day winds up

The golden Jaisalmer fort whose doorways have watched many kings come and go

The sun beats down on these structures making them gleam golden

Falling in love with Rajasthan

Udaipur - the White City

The palace that rises out of a lake of rippling colours

There's no way your steps won't falter whilst passing this sight

The creamy colour of Udaipur's structures that soothes the senses

Ornate jharokhas inviting you to peek out into the street below

The minute detailing of every facet of Udaipur's havelis

A sleepy city wakes up to dawn

Bikaner - the Red City

Can't take the Rajputi pride out of the Rajput

Majestic structures reaching for the sky

A native sports a red turban in the true Bikaneri spirit

Fountained-courtyards, jharokhas, ornate edifices - it's like walking into a different era

Sunlight shattering into a thousand different colours through these windows

The heart-stirring strings of soothing folk music by night

The mind-boggling intricacy of Bikaner's havelis

So when are you going to the 'Land of Kings'?

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