Hiking in Florida: Top 5 Natural Attractions

23rd Apr 2017

Actually, Florida is associated with beach rest. Indeed, the state is famous for its high-class resorts, the most popular of which, of course, is Miami. Moreover, many tourists, especially families with children, come to Florida to visit Orlando famous for its Disney World parks, Sea World, Universal Studios, Adventure Islands and Discovery Cove.

However, stay on the coast in order just to relax is wrong. Separate attention deserves the unique nature of the state, there are ideal conditions for recreation for fans of hiking. Do you want to merge with nature? Do not hurry! First, after arriving you should immediately rent a car at Orlando airport. Since you will be exploring Florida on foot, you will need a car to reach the starting point.

So, we have prepared top 5 natural places for hiking to get acquainted with nature of Florida.

Okefenokee Swamp

This is a shallow marsh filled with peat is located between Georgia and Florida. Okefenokee Swamp is considered one of the seven natural wonders of Georgia and the biggest mire with black water in North America. There, you can walk, look at the local flora and fauna. For fans of more extreme sensations, there are flimsy bridges over the black water of the swamp with the alligators lying in it, where they walk about where they want. There you can ride a tram through the park or sit with a guide in a boat and swim across the black surface of the water between the redwoods. It takes about 4 hours to explore the park.

Butterfly World

The park with butterflies is located 40 km north of Miami in the town Coconut Creek, which will be interesting for children and adults, especially if you always look with delight and trepidation at some flying butterfly. Here live more than 5000 butterflies from South and Central America, from Asia and Africa. Also in the park there are aviaries with tropical birds, hummingbirds and parrots (including the famous macaw), tropical corners with ponds and waterfalls and gardens with exotic plants. Become a witness of how butterflies are born and see the whole process is possible through the glass of the research laboratory.

Everglades National Park

A visit to Everglades National Park will take you at least half a day, or even more. In the park, you have a chance to watch how alligators and crocodiles, panthers and many other quite exotic animals live. Everglades is the world's largest freshwater marsh-jungle, filled with rare tropical plants and mangroves. There are 950 species of plants on these swamps, 36 species of animals from the moor fauna are included in the Red Book. This trip is an ideal acquaintance with the flora and fauna of southern Florida, supplemented by beautiful and unusual species.

Biscayne National Park

If you want to get acquainted with the full variety of the Florida marine world you can visit the Biscayne National Park. 95 percent of the park are the emerald waters of Biscayne Bay. The coast is covered with mangroves, on deep waters there are coral reefs and different marine mammals. It is a real paradise with rich fauna and flora, where colorful butterflies and flowers are pleasing to the eyes. Throughout the year, the birds are drawn to the protected area, among which are pelicans, white ibis, blue and white egrets and other wetland types. The best way to study depth is snorkeling and diving. Tourists can also take a tour on a glass bottom boat or by private boat.

Big Cypress National Preserve

Apart from cypress, this reserve is also a place for living to nine endangered species of animals, such as the western Indian manatee or the eastern color of the indigo snake. In addition, the Reserve represents a rather diverse set of flora and fauna, including mangroves, orchids, alligators, poisonous snakes, various birds. There is also a rare Florida panther. Here, the movement on transport is prohibited. Tourists can only walk on foot.

Advice to the tourists: take for hiking only comfortable shoes. Amd, r  emember the rule: "Take with you not what you need, but what you cannot do without".

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