Hill Station of Mumbai : Matheran

18th Jan 2018
Day 1

Mumbai is known as the as the' Mayanagri'.
But the outskirts of Mumbai are known as the hill station of South India.
Apart from very usual khandala , lonavala . The most famous , smallest yet trendy hill station is Matheran.

Matheran is situated on the western ghats range and it is about 90 kms from Mumbai.
So, we departed from Mumbai at around 7 am from Dadar, took train and first reached neral station . One has to reach neral first and then are many options to reach the final destination , i.e , Matheran hill station.

The ways are toy train , private taxi , shared  taxi are available.
But we are bit late to book our tickets for toy train so we ended up reaching Matheran by shared taxi , as it is affordable and comfortable at the same time

But one must prefer to travel by toy train because I've heard the experience is great.
So , be careful with the tickets , availability and duration to book toy train tickets.

The distance between neral and Matheran is about 21 kms , so by taxi we reached there by 10:30 am. But toy train took around 2 hours to reach Matheran.

After reaching there we first took tickets to enter the hill station. In the queue of tickets , I saw many people with their luggage . That means I will be seeing a lot of hotels , resorts on this station. And that was true , there are many many places to stay. But we was there for one day only .

There are altogether 28 points and some of them are Alexander Pt., Rambag Pt, Little Chowk Pt, Big Chowk Pt, One Tree Hill Pt, Belvedere Pt and many many more. As we are proceeding far the more points , small valleys are there.

One must be careful with those points , because at some points , the protective net was not being done with.

There are 2 ways to actually experience those points,  one  by horse and one by trekking.
I am person who wishes there will be trekking in every place , so it was obvious that we took the trekking way. There are many many tourists along with us on that trekking .

There are many valleys , lakes , and also many local vendors selling nimbu Pani , hot tea , cold drinks , Maggi , vadapav( hey ! Because we are in the territory of Mumbai ) and many other eatables.
So finally we decided to take a break and had a vadapav( which was by the way was fresh , hot and so so delicious that I am having water in my mouth while writing this) and yes how one can forget chai , because chai is bae.

Then we proceeded our trekking and witnessed most amazing and gorgeous view from the points. Trekking was very fun thing to do but along with that there are many tourists who are playing trendy , classics and many types of songs on loudspeaker , isn't it great.

Also , the way of trekking is from the way of toy train , so we got to see the toy train ,and walking by the side of that toy train track , it was magnificent and fun-filled.

After some time , we are at finally at the main market city of the Matheran. Then we of course grab some Maggi as our lunch and started with the shopping ( yayy!!).

The market was humangous , seriously it's a long trail and many small trails among those big ones.

There are many local vendors, big shops , handicrafts , bags, shoesand what not.
One can say that in that market one can get from a smallest  pin to the largest bag . It was that big.

We also saw that there are many vendors locally that are selling special kinds if organic sharbat ( soothing drinks) which are available in many many flavours like pan , rose , banana, strawberry and many more.

We did some shopping for ourselves and for our family members and was roaming around the market and hey , we saw raw mangoes slice with some masala on top . It was so delicious that we took around 3-4 of them.

After exploring everything , we decided to get back to neral , so to challenge ourselves , we decided to trekk again at the point where the taxis will be available to drop us at neral station.

Special tip : Check the timings of the train before .

Then it was same route as earlier , we took train a local train from neral to Dadar and reached home safely and happily around 10:30pm - 11:00 pm.

So guys , if you are looking for some fun vacation around Hill station and you've visited lonavala, khandala area , then Matheran is a place for you.

Special tip : please it is advisable to chaeck the timings of the toy train , opening of the hill station for tourists , local train from neral and from Dadar.

With adventure,

Photo of Matheran, Maharashtra, India by shruti kabra
Photo of Matheran, Maharashtra, India by shruti kabra
Photo of Matheran, Maharashtra, India by shruti kabra
Photo of Matheran, Maharashtra, India by shruti kabra
Photo of Matheran, Maharashtra, India by shruti kabra
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