Walterre: A cosy home in the hills 

15th Sep 2017
Photo of Walterre: A cosy home in the hills by Nidhi Misra

For many of us the struggle is real. There is always intent but very little time. One is always looking for a long weekend to leave the city for the beautiful hills. But, what when there’s no long weekend? When one wants to get away but, where?

I recently discovered the perfect little weekend getaway. No need to take an extra day, no need to leave work early. A train ride and a short drive later you arrive in this lush green village surrounded by the hills.

Walterre, is a cosy four bedroom home, turned into a resort. It’s nestled between Dehradun and Mussourie. One is greeted by trees and birds and beautiful landscaping. The gardens around the resort are beautiful, one can spend hours taking note of the different varieties of trees and plants on the compound. The home itself takes you back in time. Tastefully decorated with wooden furniture, paintings of plants and birds found in the area line all the walls. The rooms are filled with interesting knick knacks and while it may seem like a lot of furniture and decoration it all comes together and blends in.

Walterres has a number of cosy corners and nooks to read, look out at the hills or just take a nap. The sound of the birds and the insects are sometimes loud to our city ears but also very soothing. A beautiful library on the first floor across from the massive veranda is where I spent most of my time. I ate my meals looking out at the mountains or in the garden downstairs, what a treat! Although the rooms have televisions there is really no temptation to witch it on.

For the two days that I stayed there I ate simple home cooked food that was light on the stomach and fresh. A rarity if you live in the city and more so if you live by yourself. It really did feel like I was sitting in a lovely warm home and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would have been like back in the day.

I spent the morning being lazy and then set out for a walk to see what was around. I was surprised to see a number of similar small resorts springing up in the area, there was Sal Woods, which also has a pool, which I was very tempted by. There is Shaheen Bagh that is similar to Walterre but larger. The town around is small and lively. I saw a number of people sitting out and reading the paper in their homes, children in school and a mechanics busy workshop.

It a lovely little town and a surprising little gem in the middle of it. Walterre is the prefect weekend getaway when you need space to breathe or just be. 

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