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Himalayan Snow Trek

1st Dec 2014

A camp in the snow

Photo of Himalayan Snow Trek by Kailash Rath
Photo of Himalayan Snow Trek by Kailash Rath

The trekkers caravan

Photo of Himalayan Snow Trek by Kailash Rath

Hanging on to the ridge

Photo of Himalayan Snow Trek by Kailash Rath

A house in Rumsu perched on a cliff

Photo of Himalayan Snow Trek by Kailash Rath
Photo of Himalayan Snow Trek by Kailash Rath

Inside the Homestay

Photo of Himalayan Snow Trek by Kailash Rath

The veranda

Photo of Himalayan Snow Trek by Kailash Rath


Kailashrath organizes a snow trek in the Himalayas from December to February 2014-2015. These treks will take place around the village of Rumsu near Naggar in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.
Our expert team of locals will make sure that you have a pleasant stay and an exhilarating trekking experience.

Trek name : Rumsu circle
Duration : 4Day/4Night From December to February
Trek level: Easy
Min. Group size: 5 person.
Day 1 : Manali-Naggar-Rumsu     Home stay.
Day 2 : Ghankhulari                    Tent stay.
Day 3 : Chaklani                          Tent stay.
Day 4 : Naya Tapru                      Home stay.

The average Cost/person is Rs 3000/-

And the detail itinerary is as given below:

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1: Naggar to Rumsu( 4km).
People would directly reach in the morning at Naggar from Delhi. Naggar is a historic place and it glorifies its past through the Beautiful Naggar Castle, Gauri Shankar Temple, Tripura Sundari Temple, Jagti Path Temple and Roerich Art Gallery. People would get chance to see all these places in their acclimatization walk of 4kms from Naggar to Rumsu at our Home Stay. They would relax and enjoy the serene ambience of a typical Himachal village for the rest of the day. Bon fire in evening will be organized.

Day 2: Rumsu to Ghankulhadi (4km).
 This  day mostly involves a moderate ascent till camp site at Ghankulhadi. As you start gaining height the views would get better of the nearby Dhauladhar Range. The total stretch from Rumsu till Ghankulhadi is of 4 kms.

Day 3: Ghankulhadi-Chakhlani-Naya Tapru (6km).
The next day after the breakfast you would start your trek from Ghankulhadi and reach Chakhlani our second day lunch site. Chakhlani offers a great view of the famous  Dhauladhar Range, Indrasan Range, Tiger teeth, Ali Ratna, Deo Tibba. Chandrakhani Pass can be clearly viewed from here. After Lunch we will move to our camp site in Naya tapru.

Day 4: Naya Tapru to Rumsu (7km).
On the fourth day morning after breakfast people would trek down to our Home stay at Rumsu. This part is a moderate descend and would be easy for the people considering the last day of the trek.  Once they reach our Home stay they could relax and can have a camp fire.

What you would need to equip yourself with

  • Thermal inner wears-Full sweater-Hollow fill jacket.
  • Rucksack
  • Trekking shoes
  • Woolen cap
  • Snow gloves
  • Woolen socks
  • Scarves.
  • Sun glasses/goggles

What we would provide you during the trek

·             Tents

·             Attenders

·             Maharaj

·            Margdarshak

·            Sleeping bags and mat

·           Toilet tents

·            Breakfast, Packed lunch, Juice at resting points, Soup and dinner

About Travel

Information on how to reach our village near Manali.

Via Delhi

  • Flight/Train to New Delhi.
  • Catch a bus from ISBT Kashmere Gate Bus stand to Manali.

Via Chandigarh

  • Flight/Train to New Delhi.
  • Catch a bus from ISBT-Sector 43.

Or you can take a private jet service from New Delhi/Chandigarh to Bhuntar airport.

This is a very cozy home stay built of wood ,and it has incredible views of the Dauladhar Range with its snow capped mountains
Photo of Rumsu Homestay by Kailash Rath
Photo of Rumsu Homestay by Kailash Rath
Photo of Rumsu Homestay by Kailash Rath
Photo of Rumsu Homestay by Kailash Rath
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I did Sar Pass trek with them this year. The trek is beautiful, but Kailash Rath is exactly opposite. They are unorganised and immature. Also, few people are rude and arrogant from their staff. They are not concerned about trekkers safety.
Mon 07 11 16, 19:55 · Reply · Report
Here is to the hampta pass trek I went on with my husband last week. We booked it through kailash rath after reading a couple of reviews and considering their cheaper rates which we thought will not make much of a difference. But truly speaking where on one hand hampta pass and chandrataal lake were awesome, on the other the kailash rath disappointed us big time. To begin with while booking this trek my husband confirmed with their co founder Pushkar that we being spouse of each other and wanting to spend quality time in campsites will be given a double sharing separate tent. However when we reached rimsu which is their base camp, our entire evening was estrangled with their uncertainties. The owners were not people of their word and that was the first big disappointment! After 2-3 hours of juggling and constant debate that wasted our time at rimsu, we were told that in case anyone objects, they will not allow us to stay together in campsite. Fortunately our co-op trekkers were sane enough to understand and did not create any hassle. Day 2- we were served only dry poha were made ro climb 11 stony mountains!By the mid of the day we were starving real bad and all.of us felt that the breakfast wasn't good enough to keep us going. Also, it took us 6.5 hours which was quite exhausting and should be break into two days. Day 3- we reached shia goru via hampta pass. First thing was we were not allowed to rest and catch our breathe which was very much required as we went believing it's a beginner trek but it was not. That's sheer marketing they are doing. It's very very tiring anf beginners can do it but be dead tired. That takes away the joys of surrounding and leaves you with Jo energy to absorb the trek. On requesting one of the guides named Rajan that let us rest and we will reach before sunset even if we take intermittent rest, he got pissed off and left us to climb the first few patches of snow alone. We were alone and the last ones to do it and were not helped at all. I felt stranded and it was very unethical on their part. Later they did not even know where the water sources are and where not and hence we were left without any water to drink at 14500 feet! Too poor service and information provided. This day has descend of 3-4 hours and must be split into two. It's the most exhausting and tiring day and keeps you out of breathe and energy. Day 4- we had to descend for chhatru in spiti valley. In the morning while we were packing our bags, a guide VAIBHAV who was leasing the group of 44 came and unzipped our tent. And started pulling out the floor mats while we were still inside the tent sitting and packing our luggage. He started shouting that he has asked us to submit the mats few minutes before and we have still not submitted them. I was furious. That does NOT justify his behavior. He knew there is a female inside the tent. I might have been changing my clothes at that time! But his unshameful attitude with Jo regards for anyone even the females was nothing but insolent. Last day we went to chandrataal where we were not told that the roads are so bad that it's as good as no roads. Many people got back problems and they suffered. In short, they do not have any maturity in terms of how to treat people and how to guide also. They are a bunch of money minded people. Even the porters who carried our bags were not allowed to deal with us directly. These people had their commission and they stole Porter's money also! I would never recommend kailash rath for Himalayan treks at least. Complete disappointment. Join in at your own risk. They do not keep their words.
Mon 07 04 16, 14:43 · Reply (1) · Report
I too had a similar experience on sar pass trek. kailash Rath is being run by money minded, greedy and immature stupids.
Mon 07 11 16, 19:52 · Report