Holi 2016 in Mathura

20th Mar 2016
Photo of Holi 2016 in Mathura 1/2 by Akshay Aswani
Photo of Holi 2016 in Mathura 2/2 by Akshay Aswani

It was Holi and no other place than Mathura can give you the best experience of festival. I was accompained wth my mate who is a travel blogger on a 5 day trip to Mathura. It was our first time in Mathura for Holi, till date we have just heard and seen pictures of this amazing festival celebrated with a lot of zest in the tiny town. I would say, like going to Haj is to Muslims, Holi in Mathura should be for Hindus. We have already booked our trip to Mathura this year during Holi. 

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