Holiday Resorts - A Homestay To Fun This Weekends


I have often heard people say that they don't believe in spending lakhs to travel overseas in search of exotic destinations because India has so many of them in her folds. And I daresay, I agree with them. 

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From the lofty and majestic ranges in the north, the vast deserts in the west, the beautiful plains in the east and the vibrant coasts in the south, our country has it all. With varying landscapes, we also have diverse cultures and traditions across the large land.

What is even better nowadays are the many resorts that have cropped up all over India, promising the best views of our treasures in the best prices. Homestay resorts at Hill Stations are the latest trend and they're so popular for a reason.

1. Homelike milieu

A home away from home- these resorts are a blessing. With country houses at the guest's disposal, these resorts offer a humble and comfortable stay in beautiful locations.

2. Location

The best part about these resorts is the fact that they're located so far away from the main city and the hustle-bustle of traffic and people. A true haven tucked in the hills, similar resorts in Uttarakhand and other hill stations provide a refuge for the modern-day city workers from their stress and busy routine.

3. Privacy

As they're away from the heart of the city, these resorts often find base in the most private and quiet corners of the country. Holiday resorts in Uttarakhand are a fine example. Tucked away in the forests of the hill station, these resorts offer quiet and privacy from all the chaos that enthrals the city. In fact, some of these resorts don't even have TV in their rooms!

4. Easy access

They are easy accessible and are usually managed by efficient workers who are managers or owners of the property. The contact number and other details can easily be found online and one can make all reservations and enquiries via the website and phone without breaking into a sweat. More often than not, they also provide an itinerary for the guests, guiding them to the most magnificent sights of the location.

5. Dogs and other fun treats

Most properties like these have dogs in their exteriors along with sprawling lawns and gardens for the guests to relax and refresh in. With greenery all around, many homestay resorts like this focus a lot on wildlife and foliage as they want to give the best experience of the hills to their guests. 

A cup of tea with the morning newspaper next to a bowl of cookies is a common phenomenon in these properties. One can even laze around for as long as they like.

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