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Hello World

 I am a travel freak. I have started Mark My Adventure blog to capture my adventures. . The aim of this blog is to inspire other to follow their passion for travel. I am not from a rich background but I have adopted techniques to minimize my expense to fund my travels. I am working in a regular job, thus it is difficult to travel every now & then. But I am trying to travel as much as I can in holidays. I mostly travel solo in shoestring budget. Till date I have travelled to three places outside India. These are Xi'an, Bangkok & Bali. Every year I try to do something crazy on my Birthday & first solo trip to Xi'an was result of that craziness only. You can learn about my experience under the sectionMy Adventure. I hope with this blog I can help you to explore more & travel more. I will also write down my tips & tricks to travel cheaply. Hoping to have a good run here. I will appreciate your comments & suggestions. Looking forward for perfect relationship .Cheers !!

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