Honesty in Maldives

Photo of Honesty in Maldives 1/1 by Anuj Tikku

Today was my fourth day of scuba diving. I did my open water routine. Hattu, the owner of the dive club was very supportive as he gave me a discount price for doing the level one and open water courses. I enjoyed the dives and learned how to fix the equipment as well as to use the regulator. It was a great experience taking the regulator out of my mouth when I was underwater. I loved the experience of bubbles coming out of my mouth as I breathed in with the regulator and breathed out without it.

Getting ready for the dive in the club.

Photo of Maldives by Anuj Tikku

Two dives a day can be exhausting. It is Ramadan time in Maldives and only a few restaurants are open at this time. I found a great one called Gourmet where I have been enjoying prawn curry and rice along with fresh vegetables and lemon soda. Hattu and his dive club gang became my friends and we started singing songs to each other. They all came to know that I am a Bollywood actor and kept checking out my film scenes on the internet. I, in turn, entertain them with my latest numbers.

Enjoying myself, just before the jump!

Photo of Maldives by Anuj Tikku

The beauty of the sea is mesmerising and it’s now like meditation for me. In about ten days, I would have become quite an expert. I would love to dive as deep as possible and see all the coral reeve mysteries of the region. We also took the boat to Kurumba Island where the water is shallow. I started enjoying by myself quickly on the island and also managed to learn new techniques with ease. Maldives has over 1000 islands scattered all over the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

Exploring the mysteries of the underwater world.

Photo of Kurumba Maldives, Kaafu Atoll, North Central Province, Maldives by Anuj Tikku

As it is Ramadan time, no one is allowed to eat in the afternoon. I sat down in a snack bar and tried to eat a burger but the owner stopped me from eating saying Ramadan time is for fasting. I extended my stay in the hotel Levis Boutique by mistake but the manager returned me the spent money. I was impressed by this amazing gesture of honesty and kindness. So, I gave the manager 100 euros as a tip. Honesty is alive, at least, in some parts of the world. I am glad that there are still people who are honest and forthright. This Islamic republic is still thriving with honest and loving people.

The Kurumba Island in the Maldives. The emerald in the ocean.

Photo of Maldives by Anuj Tikku
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