Honeymoon at Amazing Andaman


There’s this cliche question many people ask — “With whom would you want to be abandoned on an uninhabited island?” If you have ever imagined something similar, think of yourself in a sparsely inhabited island which is beautiful, serene and has all the comforts you need with your loving partner. Honeymoon packages in Andaman will be the visualization of this imagination. The Andaman Islands is an amazing place for a honeymoon. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are fast becoming the top destination for honeymoon packages.

The best place for a honeymoon should be serene, have a pleasing climate, have some beaches where you can chill out and have fun also. If you own a private Island, you can enjoy all these with adequate privacy, but how many people can afford a private Island? Instead, people choose crowded destinations which are very popular and will cost them a lot also. The better option is to choose a place which is less crowded and yet that offers you the best of comforts and privacy that you need the most. The Andaman Islands is one such place where you can find the perfect blend of scenic beauty, pleasant climate, very little crowd and soothing comforts, just perfect for your honeymoon. Special Andaman honeymoon packages are definitely a better option than many foreign destinations which will be crowded and cost many times more.

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a group of over 500 small islands, islets and rocks on the Bay of Bengal which is equally distant from Chennai and Kolkata. It holds important historic value in the Indian freedom movement. The culture and traditions of the tribes who still dwell in these islands are well preserved. The islands are far from the bustling city life and can be a refreshing and relaxing experience for all tourists who seek relaxing holidays. Andaman Honeymoon Packages from Chennai and Andaman Honeymoon Packages from top Cities are much sought after because of the serenity and comforts offered by the islands. Indians can visit the Andaman Islands anytime but need special permission from the Andaman authorities to visit the Nicobar Islands as the protected tribes dwell in their natural surroundings there. Foreign nationals can get a permit for 15 to 30 days to visit the Andaman Islands without much issue. The Indian government and the authorities of the Andaman Islands are trying to promote healthy tourism in the Islands as they seek less number of tourists with more spending capacity so that tourism does not adversely affect the ecology of the Islands.

Make sure that the Honeymoon Packages for Andaman you select gives you a tour of Port Blair, Havelock Islands, Neil Islands, Long Island, North Bay, Baratang Island and Ross Islands in the Andaman Islands. Usually, Port Blair will be the base camp from where you will travel to all the other islands on a day tour and sometimes an overnight stay at Havelock or Neil Islands is also included. The Andaman Islands have many beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. The beaches offer many water activities like snorkeling, fishing, boat rides, swimming, scuba diving, sea sailing and kayaking. Lush forests and rare flora and fauna are also interesting factors in the islands that attract the tourists. The historic monuments in Port Blair and Neil Islands should not be missed either. The most mesmerizing factor that makes these Islands a favorite among the urban tourists are the colorful coral reefs which can be seen and felt under the shallow sea or from boats. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get so close to underwater marine life in its bare elements. Another Attractive features of Honeymoon Packages at Andaman is the Elephant swimming and rides at the Elephant Beach, Havelock Islands. The limestone caves, mud volcano and the walk or ride through the dense forests at Baratang Islands can make your visit to the Andaman Islands a cherished one. The Long Island will make you go back to your elements with no electricity and roads. You walk along the islands or go cycling to enjoy the lush forests and sandy beaches.

Andaman honeymoon will be an entirely different experience close to nature and far away from the hectic city life. The Andaman Islands can be enjoyed during all seasons as tropical climate is usually hot and humid yet pleasant. The cost factor will also be a plus point as it costs much less than any popular holiday destination outside India. Exciting Andaman and Nicobar islands Honeymoon packages for water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling can be availed in the Islands for enthusiasts. The Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex in Port Blair is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy all water activities inside the complex. For nature and photography enthusiasts, Madhuban and Mount Harriet in Port Blair can leave you enthralled with its scenic beauty. Havelock Islands, Cinque Islands and Long Islands have lush forests that can make you forget all about hectic city life.

A tour of 5 to 7 days in the Andaman Islands can leave you with cherished memories of the best holidays with your loved one. Once you plan the tour, pack your bags with ample summer clothes and light snacks if you are very particular about what you eat. While the Impressive Andaman Honeymoon Tour Packages can offer you good seafood and vegetarian dishes, some of the restaurants in Aberdeen Bazar in Port Blair can offer you typical Andaman cuisine which will be much different. Pack enough memory cards and extra batteries for your camera so that you can capture each moment spent in the Island and cherish them forever. The museums, boat rides, beaches and forests will give you ample opportunities to capture nature’s splendor in the Andaman Islands. Please carry basic medicines as in any other travel as you are drifting away into the sea far from city life. You can buy souvenirs and spices from Port Blair to share with your friends and relatives along with your cherished memories.

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