Hong Kong Memories

15th May 2005
Day 1


I remember having boarded a Biman Bangladesh flight on our way from Kolkata to Dhaka for the first leg. We reached Dhaka quite late at night and stayed at a hotel near to the airport.

Day 2


We strolled around the neighborhood. We visited the Basundhara mall, which is one of the largest shopping malls in Asia.

Day 3


The next day we had a flight to Hong Kong. The flight was boring and long with no entertainment facility. Luckily I had received a comic book but I was done with it in a matter of few minutes. We stayed at the Holiday Inn at Kowloon in Macau.

Day 4


We went sight seeing on the second day at Macau. It was a beautiful city. The hotel had a swimming pool on the 20th floor on the terrace basically. I remember a specific memory from the hotel. You see, the room service people didn't give us enough water bottles and they charged a good amount for half a liter bottle. The bottles were kept in the adjacent room to the elevator. So every time we came back from somewhere, one of us would sneak into the room and steal water bottles.

Day 5


We did another day of sight seeing. We were invited for lunch at a Sikh family's house who happened to be an acquaintance of my uncle. At the night we went to see the Victoria Harbor which separated Macau from Hong Kong.


We went to the Ocean Park at Hong Kong. We took a ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong. The day was great and we had plenty of fun!

Day 6


We came back to Dhaka. The flight was delayed so we had to wait for a long time at the airport.


We stayed for one day at Dhaka and on the eight day, early in the morning, we had our flight back to Kolkata.

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