Hot Sun, How to travel – India Specific.

4th Oct 2016

“Wow, it’s a Sunny day” these words sound good in Countries like UK and Europe. The Weather conditions there are favourable for a ride out to unknown. But in India it would be HOT, more HOT, Holy fuck my head is now a roast HOT. A hot Sun normally brings in a lot of Sweating, Sun burn and energy gets exhausted very fast and If you guys (I mean all ladies and gentlemen) are planning for a ride in summer you should then read on.

In India Summer is now an extended one. Summer months are Mid April, May June, then comes Rain which would ease out the weather a little bit but Mid September and October are also Hot months.

That leaves you out with 6 months of proper riding pleasure with winter onset or Offset and less heat.

During rains too, one can plan for their rides with proper rain gear which I will discuss in my other small write up.

Photo of Hot Sun, How to travel – India Specific. 1/3 by Ashish Hegde

Courtesy – Pieter Grimminck and Mandy Brander Epic ride through Turkey to Tajikistan, Armenia to Afghanistan

Planning your Day’s Journey in the HOT Months.

Start early by 5.00ish and end it by 10 am. A proper 5 hours journey with 5 breaks can give you 300 kms cover up on the saddle.

The second leg of the journey can be started at 3.00 pm, which could continue till 7.00 covering additional 200 kms and you can check in to a nearby hotel for some chilled beer and rest.

Photo of Hot Sun, How to travel – India Specific. 2/3 by Ashish Hegde


The biggest advantage of doing this kind of journey is avoiding the HOT SUN in the Afternoon which would roast your head.

Early Starts help you cover up maximum kms with ease and maintain good average speeds.

The second leg ensures you have reached your destination with ease and less tiring.


Wear a Camelback: For longer rides, I wear a Camelback-type water bag on my back. I usually fill mine with half ice and half water before the ride, and those cooling sips do add up to make the difference.

Carry Extra Water: I carry 2 Extra One litre bottles of Kinley or Bisleri in my side case/ Tank bag on longer days of riding. I also carry a 500 ML Kinley bottle on my waist BAG. I carry normal temperature water but Be wary of taking in ice-cold water. In my case, I upset my stomach or Catch throat Infection easily. I Swish in the mouth to bring its temperature up a bit before swallowing. If you are taking long continuous journeys of more than 2000 kms you should ensure Electral (ORS pack available in Medical Stores) to be added in your water to help you recuperate with the minerals and water lost due to sweating.

Urine Test: Go for the clear. Dehydration is not something you can tough out – it will kill you if you don’t remedy it. Deep-yellow coloured urine and headaches are early signs that you are in need of water. If you stop sweating, heat stroke is not far behind. Drink water often!

Only Water is Water: Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, which cause you to urinate and lose more water. When it’s hot, Stay clear from sugary drinks, caffeine, and alcohol. Also, never drink alcohol directly before or during your ride.

That Shade

Always lookout for that shade on the side of road. The Shade will help you to avoid the hot rays of sun and help your mind, body with your motorcycle to cool down.

Motorcycle riding, Hot summer motorcycle riding.

Photo of Hot Sun, How to travel – India Specific. 3/3 by Ashish Hegde

That Unusual TAR bump

A Tar bump is usually created on the road where Tar has taken the shape of the Tyre Marks (also look out for TAR Snakes) and the continues load on it. These bumps are dangerous. Don’t change the line of your travel in between. Let the motorcycle travel and see how tyres find traction and you come out safe. Better that you avoid it.

Foods that you can Eat

Waffles – Love them, Energy booster and hunger satisfier.

Parle G – I carry Parle G my favorite biscuits. I feel they give me energy and satisfy small hunger.

Fruits – Don’t carry a Banana. You would get a Banana Split when you open your Bag. An Apple and Orange would be ideal to carry. Easy to peel or Straight away eat it.

Chai garam – I find tea is the best. It helps you think your onward journey keep you refreshed.

Added and recommended by my True motorcycle friend Mr Kiran Ghag

Use correct gear…a meshed jacket is good as it keeps air flowing around you. Lack of circulation by regular textile/leather jacket makes you sweat faster.

You can get moisture wicking inner liners or dri fit sport tees. Thick cotton tee shirts are another sweat sponges. They wont dry faster and sweat makes them stink too. Plus they take up valuable space in bags..these problem are overcome by dri fits. Dri fits can be washed and dried overnight too.

When you take break, it helps to pour water on head and shoulders to reduce body temperature.

There are some cooling vests available. You have to pour water on it and they cool you down by taking away heat from you. But i just pour water on my jacket directly.

Use polarised sunglasses as it cuts glare and reduces fatigue .

Check your air pressure, before starting the ride on cold tyre. A hot day refill can increase pressure further and cause issues.

Happy riding

Life moves when two wheels move.

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