How Do I Get Money To Travel?

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The question I get asked quite often is ‘how do I get money to travel’. Well, I have written in detail about how I make my travel plans work – How Do I Manage To Travel. This post is going to focus on how exactly I make money, what do I do for a living, etc. First things first, I don’t make much money. I don’t have a full time job. There are days when I don’t have any money in my account. I have to wait for work to come my way. I need to send out pitches to people to get work. So, things are not as rosy as they appear on the surface.

I have to work hard to be able to make some money, which I can use for travel. Besides, the truth is that I don’t travel as much as I would if I really had the ‘money’ to travel. I somehow make it work for me.

How do I get money to travel?

I take up freelance writing work

I have been a freelance writer for quite a few years now. Although I don’t earn much out of my freelance writing, I’m able to make short-term savings, which help me travel. I have got lots of writing work at Upwork. But, they take their commission, which reduces your pay. It’s real hard work to grab a project at such freelancing websites and the pay is very little. Therefore, I wouldn’t say that it’s a great idea to invest much time on such platforms.

It’s rather better to build your own writing portfolio, such as a blog, and pitch to suitable publications. Also, once your blog becomes a little popular, you get approached by brands and marketing companies who need writers.

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My office – making the most of the long transit time and free WiFi at Kuala Lumpur International airport.

I accept blogging/social media campaigns

As a blogger and a social media influencer, I get approached for marketing campaigns for different brands. The campaign could be for a service or a product related to travel in some way. I’d say I make much better money with brand collaborations than with writing. But, these opportunities come when they have to. To be honest, my pitches have not been successful. Whatever collaborations I have done so far have come to me on their own. So, you have to be at it constantly. You need to be relevant, interesting and inspiring for people to be inclined to work with you.

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Collaboration with a travel brand – property review in Pali, Rajasthan.

I collaborate with hotels/tourism boards

I collaborate with homestays and resorts quite often, and also tourism boards sometimes. I get to stay at beautiful properties in exchange of writing a blog, taking high resolution pictures and posting on social media for them. So yes, there are a few perks that I enjoy as a travel blogger. But, I have earned that with years of hard work on creating this blog, my social media platforms and the following on each one of them.

So, nothing comes easy. I often get comments on my Instagram and Facebook that I’m lucky that I get to travel so much. People have this false notion that I travel all the time. Well, that’s not true at all. I’m NOT lucky! I’m just doing what I like doing. I’m just being myself. And, I don’t travel all the time. I try to travel as often as possible.

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I saved money to fulfill my dream of tasting the salt of the white desert of Kutch, Gujarat.

I create travel opportunities for myself

Nobody is showering money on me or inviting me to exotic destinations for free. I create travel opportunities for myself by being inquisitive about any place that I visit. The stunning Chhattisgarh photos that you see on my Instagram feed were the result of my eagerness to explore Chhattisgarh, while I was there for a period of time. While it was a personal trip for personal reasons, I made it a slow travel opportunity for myself.

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I explored Chhattisgarh, (which is my husband’s home state) and discovered that it’s far more exotic than any foreign destination.

I’m what I’m because of the people behind me

I have said it before and I’m saying it again that I’m able to travel because I have a supportive family behind me – earlier it was my mom and my siblings, now it’s my husband and his family. I have realised that if you are pursuing your passion with honesty, things do work out for you.

It’s all about priorities

Of course, there are disappointments and failures, too. My travel plans fail, too. Even I have to postpone a trip for months. I also sit at home and envy others when they get to travel. I’m no different. I have my share of lack and limitations.

So, I’m definitely not “lucky” when I am seen somewhere in the mountains or at a gorgeous beach. You can travel if you are willing to put some (or all) money aside just for travel. There’s nothing ‘lucky’ about it. It’s no jackpot. Your money doesn’t grow on its own, unless you put it in some fixed deposit. You have to work towards everything that you want in life. It’s all about priorities.

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Collaboration with J&K Tourism Board to explore offbeat places of Kashmir.

So, ask yourself if travel is important enough to make you save some money just for it? If your answer is yes, you will not find it too hard to save out of your earnings and plan your travels whenever possible. Also, you can find ways to travel for free.

Lastly, I’d like to add that you don’t have to quit your job to be able to travel. You can manage to travel along with a job as well. In fact, it’s better to have a job that delivers a fixed income into your bank account every month. Keep it. Stop going to the movies. Stop buying clothes and shoes. Stop eating out. The amount you spend on restaurants in a month can buy you a plane ticket. How about that? There are so many things that you can stop spending money on, which would help you materialize all your travel dreams.

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