How I Discovered My Love for Asia

12th Apr 2017

How I Discovered My Love for Asia

If you've never traveled through Asia, consider Taiwan for your next vacation. Taiwan is a beautiful island with incredible scenery that hasn't been discovered by a lot of travelers from Western countries. The country is a mix of indigenous, Chinese, Japanese, and Western people.

Taiwan has amazing attractions all over the country; majestic mountain peaks and national parks for outdoor lovers, Taiwanese cuisine, cultural festivals, resorts with hot springs, and elaborate temples.

Taiwanese People

One thing you'll notice when you arrive is how welcoming the people of Taiwan are. The country is one of the friendliest in the world, and you'll encounter people who are willing to offer directions, suggestions about restaurants, and the attractions that you must see. Don't be surprised if some of the locals invite you to stay in their home overnight.

Taiwan Islands

Taiwan's Islands haven't been discovered by most tourists and are worth exploring. The beaches have golden sand; the coves are peaceful, and trails meandering through the mountains are secluded. Indigenous people live on the volcanic island of Lanyu; furthest from the main island. Penghu and Green Island are top diving spots and have beautiful beaches.

Places To Visit

Whether you want to explore historic sites, immerse yourself in the healing hot springs, or wander the mountain trails, Taiwan is a spectacular destination. Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei is in the Seven Star Mountain Range. The scent of cherry blossoms and azaleas is in the air, and the observation deck at the summit of Mt. Qixing, offers a stunning view of Taipei and is a great spot to takes some selfies.

Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan. The ancient city is the site of the first temple built to honor Confucius and is integral in Taiwan's history. Chikan Tower, Anping Fort Zeelandia, and Yidsai Golden Castle are attractions you won't want to miss.

Danshui was northern Taiwan's capital. People visit for the delicious street food and to watch the sunsets over Fisherman's Wharf. Take the train from Taipei to Taroko to see the cliffs and tunnels. The scenic walking trails will lead you to some scenic views of the gorge.

Things To Do in Taipei

Taipei 101 is one attraction you must see since it's the tallest building of its kind in the world. The green building is 101 stories and soars 508 meters. The building features a food court, several restaurants, a multi-level mall, independent stores, and an observatory. The skyscraper is known for its light shows. Taipei 101 is at the edge of the Xinyi Shopping District.

The National Palace Museum is an informative introduction to the culture of Taiwan. The museum displays a lot of Chinese artifacts that were brought to Taiwan during the Sino-Japanese War. If you love giant pandas, the Taipei Zoo is the place to observe them up close. Along with African wildlife species, the zoo is home to kangaroos, koalas, and giant pandas.

If you want to have a day to unwind and relax, Beitou to the north is where you'll find hotels with hot springs. You don't have to be a guest at any of the hotels to take advantage of the hot springs. Tour operators can help you to customize your taiwan tour so you can take advantage of the therapeutic springs in Beitou.

Shopping in Taiwan

If you love to shop, take the time to browse the Shilin Night Market. Tourists love the market because the prices are right, and you can shop for souvenirs, clothes, and authentic Taiwanese food items. The Shilin Market is the largest on the island.

Although Ximending is one of the shopping districts that attracts students and a younger crowd, it's a fun place to shop. The district is one of the best places in Taiwan to shop for designer clothes at very low prices. Another reason to visit is the street shows.

If you aren't sure where to start when you visit, tours can be customized so you can see the attractions and visit the places that interest you the most.

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