How I Met Meghalaya | Travel Web Series | Episode 2 | The Start of Meghalaya Overlanding Trip


While doing my research for Meghalaya, I came across Gregory Allya Warjiri aka Greg. Now Greg is all things outdoors and runs a new age travel startup called NOMADS SHILLONG (

We met over Instagram and gradually gave shape to our plan.  And he is going to be my partner in crime in Meghalaya, ALONG WITH BLACKEY - our OVERLANDING VEHICLE.

But what's overlanding, you may ask.

Well In simple words, it's a roadtrip where your vehicle becomes your home, and the journey becomes the destination. Basically an alternate way of exploring the world. And one of the pioneers of this concept is a Guwahati based startup called Camping Co (

They are a self drive vehicle rental company offering SUVs equipped with rooftop tents and camping gears for a comfortable overlanding expedition. Moreover the country side in the northeast is just magnificent, so I just cant think of a better way to explore the North East.

Join me as I explore side of Meghalaya that you haven't seen before.