How is the Barska biometric safe different ?


Now, with the Barska biometric safe, in just a matter of a few seconds, it will easily open with one simple touch, an obviously amazing advantage over the traditional concept of safes and vaults.

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The Barska biometric safe method is very simple and straightforward.

A single touch using your finger would allow easy access even in the dark, as its sensor lights up when touched in a matter of seconds.

Storing guns in a safe is a good habit but in times of emergency, it must also be effortless and quickly accessible.

This is the main feature of the Barska biometric safe, which provides fast and easy access when the security of your household is at stake.

These things are necessary when you want to protect your family from intruders, while at the same time you want your love ones to be spared from accidents caused by negligence.

More important features the Barska biometric safe have

A biometric system can be measured by its performance when it comes to the accuracy, speed and the robustness of the technology.

The Barska biometric safe not only feature these characteristics, but also provides other unique features to implement full security to your valuables and firearms.

Here’s what we’re talking about:


Measurements and weight: Outer dimensions: 16.5″ X 7.75″ x 14.5″ (W x H x D); Inside Dimensions: 16.25″ x 12″ x 7″; 31 pounds; runs on 4 regular AA batteries.

The Barska biometric safe is large enough that there is plenty of room inside, but still extremely compact that you could easily store the safe anywhere around the house.

How the Barska bometric safe was designed is that it allows you to store it pretty much anywhere, which is huge plus for smaller homes or apartments.

Inside Barska biometric safeYou would be able to store several handguns plus several boxes of magazines, while having plenty of space left to add others valuables:

Be it a small jewelry box, cash, a set of spare keys, a portable hard drive, or even all of these which you should be able to fit into the Barska biometric safe.

Another advantage with the Barska bometric safe is its long lasting batteries that are easily replaced, which should run approximately 8-12 months when used under normal conditions.

Another option here is to use a direct current supply. This an alternative, but its power does rely with the installed battery.

And yet, there’s more. The Barska biometric safe possesses other qualities that in our opinion makes it the ideal safe.

One is that it has an identification storage of up to 30 fingerprints. The reason behind this is that this allows the owner to register as many times as needed to have greater efficiency with fewer errors. Now that’s clever!

Also, the hornady security rapid gun safe review can be installed anywhere you fancy. With its compact size you can mount it on walls which can then be covered with a picture frame or other decoratives to securely hide its location, so that only you know, and others are kept out.

Another good place to mount the safe would be inside a drawer, next to your bed for even faster access while asleep at night.

A beeping sound will be triggered upon opening the safe, and in case its door is left open, the alarm will sound and stop only when the door is shut closed.

Even though some may find this a nuisance, we think it’s a life saver. This feature is an added precaution that not only safeguards the safe’s contents but also your children, who may sneakily tamper with the safe but quickly ALERTS you if such an incident occurs.

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