How one landslide brought me to an unexpected destination – Manali

8th Dec 2015

Well this might sound a little bit filmy too but yeah it was unexpected and one of my best experience so my story starts with one landslide issue.. I was in Kasol exploring everything alone..when my journey had ended & I had my bus in the evening, I got a call from driver so he told me "Aapki aaj ki bus cancel ho gayi hai kyunki landslide hua hai". I was like what should I do because if this landslide is not cleared tomorrow then I will miss my flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai.
Luckily my driver gave me Red bus' employee number & he told me he will try to do some arrangements but there is no other route. So I decided that I will go to Bhunter morning only from where I was supposed to take my bus from the evening. I thought if I will go in the morning I will come to know whether buses will go or not...otherwise I will do any jugaad but I have to reach Chandigarh.
Next morning as I had decided I reached Bhuntar by 9am. So I got a call from red bus employee & he told me buses will go today so I was like now what should I do in Bhuntar so red bus employee told me like why don't you come to Manali as it's just 2 hours and your bus will start from Manali only...
So then I took a Rs 60 bus ticket for Manali & reached Manali. I called red bus employee (Vikas Sharma) – a 25 year old guy, who was from Army school & was a solo traveler too. I met Vikas & then we both went on his bike to see the whole Manali... Never thought a stranger will become such a good friend & conversation with him will become life time memories. His love for traveling will inspire me throughout my life... Thank you Vikas, it was a risk which I had taken but my journey with this stranger became a memorable one!

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