How to Choose the Best Luxury Hotel for Your Vacation


The right choice in hotels can make or break your vacation plans. whether you want a fairy-tale worthy romantic honeymoon with your SO or an adventure-filled fun trip with your kids, the luxury hotel you choose to stay will be the background of all your happy memories. Don’t let it stain with a bad experience. Let us help you choose the best luxury hotel for all those wanderlust calls.

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1. Set your budget: The money you decide to spend on a hotel makes a huge chunk of your vacation budget. Once you’ve fine tuned the rest of the details of the trip, allocate funds aside for the hotel. What you need to ask here is if you and your trip partners would like to spend more money on activities, shopping, dining out or on your accommodation? One great thing about a luxury hotel is that it gives you amazing value for money with their complimentary services. A relaxing visit to the spa, or a night spent watching folk performances arranged by the hotel seems like worthwhile expenditures during vacation.

2. Pin the location: choosing the location of your hotel is very important. Keep in mind the nature of your vacation plan, and then choose the location. If you want the experience the hustle bustle of a new city, then go for a central location. But some peaceful time with your loved ones is what’s on card, then go for a hotel on the outskirts of the city. While it can be tough to find one, there are some amazing choices available. Radisson Blu in Karjat, for example, is a great option for someone needing alone time away from the city. If you’re choosing a remote location, then consider travel options as well.

3. Check the amenities: luxury hotels are pricey. Make it worth your while. Research all the amenities being offered to you as part of the bill, and what others you have to pay extra for. Do they have conference facilities for your business meetings? What about a spa, or a gym? Is there a VIP concierge? Ask questions about services relevant to you, and then make an informed decision.

4. Read reviews: Always read customer reviews before settling on a product/service. After all, you don’t want to spend big bucks without getting a second opinion.

5. Consult travel blogs: Travel blogs are a great place to make a decision about hotels. You’ll get a more thorough review about the hotel you’re looking for, and also explore more options in the area.

6. Let reputation speak: With brands like TAJ or Radisson Blu, you don’t have to think twice about their quality. Their reputation far precedes them and speaks for itself. If you’re going for a luxury hotel, go for the ones with roots quite old and deep in the hospitality market.

We hope our insights help you choose the perfect luxury hotel for you. Happy vacations!

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