How to decorate the garden or kitchen with recycled materials

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Do you want your garden or kitchen to be different from the rest? In recent years, the original and ecological ideas are being imposed on the traditional ones as far as decoration is concerned. There are a lot of materials that we can reuse, such as pallets, used boats, bottles or ladders, to give a new and personal touch to our home.

Learn to decorate the garden with recycled materials

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If you have been thinking about giving a different air to your garden or kitchen, then we are going to suggest some tips so you can use recycled materials and create a sustainable and tasteful environment.

Reuse the containers

A good way to start decorating our kitchen or garden is from the containers we use every day and that we usually throw away, such as plastic or glass bottles and cans of preserves.

In the kitchen we can serve, for example, to keep cutlery, knives, ladles and other similar utensils.

The cans are excellent for our garden, we can give many uses, but the most common will be the pot. For this we must make a hole in the bottom of the can, to facilitate the drainage of water and that our plants do not rot.

It is very advisable to make drawings on the containers to make them look better. If you do not have much skill with the brush you can make geometric designs with the help of rulers and glasses, depending on how you want to make straight or round lines. You can also use stickers.

A new use to the pallets in the garden

Another way that our kitchen or garden is different from the rest is through the use of pallets that are used in any trade for the transport of goods.

We can use the pallets to make fully artisan shelves, where to hang all our kitchen utensils, gardening tools or our recipe book and tricks for plants.

With a little effort and imagination we can create all kinds of furniture for the garden with these pallets, from sofas to tables or sunbeds. If you are going to be outdoors, the ideal is then to cover the surface with water-resistant exterior paint, or apply a coat of protective varnish.

The stairs last forever

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The stairs, although it may not look like it, is one of the most recycled objects lately. Those that are metal, aluminum or other, are perfect for making an improvised bookshelf. The wood, which as a rule are more beautiful, also serve as simple decoration.

You can cut out a section of stairs and use it as a cupboard in your kitchen, as it is or painted in bright colors.

In your garden, these stairs will give you a vintage touch, using old materials that are not considered antiques. You can choose the most carefree corner of your patio or garden and turn it into a very special place, placing a ladder painted and decorated with pots, photographs, crafts or candles.

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