How To Earn Money With This Universal Method

24th Aug 2016
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A-Level results day has been and gone with similar reports from previous years that claim the exams are getting easier and record numbers of students being offered university places. There is also a high number of young people opting to take gap years, an estimated 250,000 between the ages of 16-25 are estimated to take some kind of gap year, with that figure rising year on year. While many of them will eventually go to university they feel the need to recharge their batteries, get some head space and throw themselves into other countries rather than diving straight into more intense education.

Many young people are deciding to explore the world and of course have to compete with the expensive cost of travelling. It can cost anything from £7,000-30,000 to fund a year’s worth of travel, accommodation, food and activities depending on personal preferences and how frugal you’re willing to be. Therefore people have to find ways of funding their travels with the most common method being finding part time jobs both before and during their travels. Working a few shifts at a bar in Spain while you’re there for a couple of weeks before moving on to their next destination can be mutually beneficial. Another popular way of funding travelling can be taking up blackjack.

Cynics may easily dismiss playing blackjack as a reckless risk, in truth with a lot of research and practice put in it is possible to make a profit from the popular card game. If you wish to make serious money from blackjack then you will need the motivation, business mentality, self-discipline and the ability to avoid being seen as a threat to the casinos.

If you have the true determination to make money from blackjack then you should definitely get your hands on ‘Playing Blackjack as a Business’ by Lawrence Revere and ‘Million Dollar Blackjack’ by Ken Uston. You can also check out this handy online blackjack guide and read up on Johnny Chang, the manager of the now famous MIT blackjack team. These men are all examples that prove that it is possible to win millions at the blackjack table in a short period of time just like a more contemporary example of Don Johnson. The Philadelphia based businessman taught himself how to count cards and won $15million from three casinos in Atlantic City within six months in 2011. Then in February 2012 he took the Tropicana in Jersey Shore for a further $2million and proved that he was no fluke.

Now that is a fairly extreme example and Johnson had big collateral to bet with in the first place, for an average John Smith to win that kind of money might take at least a decade of consistently successful playing. So be prepared for a lot of long hours spent at the tables with a lot of ups and downs and gradually building up to a bankroll that is large enough to open up the high-limit rooms where you may find the rules to be more liberal and betting limits pose no barriers to bigger wins.

Playing blackjack to make money can be like running your own business or working for 100% commission. The only limit to how much you can win is determined by you and how much time you are willing to put in, both in practice and actual time at the table. There are further variables you will need to keep in mind such as the rules of the game played, how many decks are in play, your average wager size and spread, deck penetration, the counting system used and the number of hands dealt per hour. With all that in mind, a good player may be able to expect winnings of $275-390 when wagering $50-500 per hand. If you can spend around 15 hours per week playing at the table, then you could expect a weekly income of $4,750 which would add up roughly $228,000 per year.

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