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Perhaps more than one driver has been stuck in the mud with his vehicle when driving down a dirt road after heavy rain. Especially in those sectors of Guayaquil, where urban regeneration is leaving more land sites than road.

This situation can despair the majority of expert drivers and novices, because simply getting dropped gives us insecurity, and therefore, we make the most common mistakes that prevent the car from leaving.

Pressing the throttle is not useful; is even counterproductive: most likely we get stuck much more, we put at risk the safety of other passersby as the tires could throw stones while we accelerate, or in the worst case, the car could be fired in a non-direction very favorable.

Then Toyocosta will present some tips to get the car stuck in the mud.

Tips to get the car out of the mud

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Taking a car out of the mud depends on whether we drive cars or vans .

If we have a 4 × 4 car, getting out of the mud will be easier. As indicated by the web portal Mi , in these cases you should try to use four-wheel drive for the purpose. 

Also, if you have a front-wheel-drive car and the rear-wheel is the one that is compromised, you just have to turn the wheel or place a stone to help pull behind the front wheel, and accelerate to unlock the car.

But if the situation is not favorable:

In many cases, it is most likely that only one tire has been stuck. If so, the first thing you should do is get off the vehicle and determine which tire is most difficult. (Read: Maintenance of the tires ).

After verifying that, we will observe the state of the road: if there are loose stones, if there are areas with less mud or if there are branches, bricks or other elements that we could use as tools.

We can place large stones or logs almost underneath the stuck tire to facilitate their traction. We can also upholster with branches or dried herbs the area in front of the wheel to facilitate the action.

Another technique is to deflate the jammed tire so that it has greater grip and less friction with the ground.

The car's rubber carpets are quite useful to get the car out of the mud, as they create an ideal contact surface for the tire to easily come out.

It prevents another person from getting behind the vehicle when the car is being pulled out of the mud. This is dangerous because you do not know how the vehicle will leave.