How to Improve Your Marriage

28th May 2017
Photo of How to Improve Your Marriage by Carol Briggs

Being bonded with someone for the rest of your life could be something quite challenging. People often believe that the biggest problem would be the scandals or lack of communication between two people. While such issues could indeed ruin a relationship, the most common ones are just the overall boredom which a couple could fall into. Whether it is because of the daily routine or the lack of new experiences in the bedroom, it is important to always try out new things to keep the passion going.

Believe or not, many couples are experimenting with sex toys in their sexual intercourse. It is no longer uncommon to buy a vibrator and give additional pleasure to your significant other while having sex. That is just one of the possible attempts a person could make to save his relationship. Here are a few other suggestions, which were given by psychologists on

Be Honest about Your Feelings

Before talking to your partner, be honest to yourself. Think about the things that disappoint you, anger you or shame you. Any negative emotion and its source should be pinpointed but don’t focus only on the dark side. It is better to be aware of everything joyful in the relationship as well. It is important that a person is able to judge himself objectively in order to allow him to grow and improve himself in the long run. You could do that by standing in front of a mirror and talk out loud about all of these things, while looking yourself in the eye. Might sound quite weird, but it is definitely working and worth it.

Change a Thing to Make Your Partner Happier

Do you know how people say that you should never change for your loved one? That if they are unable to acknowledge your personality and habits then they don’t deserve you? That is complete bullshit. No person is perfect and we all could use some change to become better versions of ourselves. Your partner is most likely annoyed by that one single thing you do on a daily basis, which could drive them mad. The only rational think you could do is attempt to talk to them about it and then attempt to change yourself. Don’t look at it as a compromise or a favor that you are doing. You are essentially becoming a better person; it is your partner that is helping you, not the other way around.

Spice Up Things in the Bedroom

Countless amounts of relationships have been ruined because the passion was gone. If you have to buy a variety of different sex toys like vibrators, dildos or a sex swing just to try something new and experiment, then do it. It is better that you try and dislike it than do nothing and be sure to lose your partner.

If you are wondering where you should choose a particular sex toy, then we recommend that you start off here.

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