How to Increase Your Brand’s Online Presence with Your Website Design

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Social media is the very first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to improve your brand presence. Although it is important to embrace social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

It is more important to ensure that your website is well-designed. Because there are approximately 81% of consumers who conduct online research prior to making a purchase decision, 60% consumers have fears about e-commerce related credit card scams.

One of the most important ways to improve your online presence is to create a professionally designed website that contains engaging and high-quality content. In this blog, I’ll discuss how a website impacts your overall brand visibility and some easy ways to increase your website traffic and sales. 

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Improve Your SEO Rankings

According to Google, producing high quality content is an important factor to improve your website rankings. If truth be told, one-third of your SEO rankings generated from the content placed on your website and blog. Therefore, brands that think that only social media can play the best role in improving online visibility should understand that your website and your Facebook page both can easily score a better search engine rankings. A well-written content is must to provide your visitors immense value and capture their attention.

Convey Your Brand Message

If you really want to create a strong online presence and build credibility, you need to clearly convey your brand message and control what visitors find when they search for your brand. If you have a high-quality website content and design, it is easily going to appear higher on search engine ranking pages.

When you build website credibility, consumers prefer your brand to purchase items from your website. Giving your prospects an option to buy your products and services will help you grow your online presence. You can consult a creative web design agency to make the process seamless by creating an appealing design that give visitors a more sophisticated feel about your business.

Build Customer Confidence

There are many studies that reveal that creating a professionally looking website is one of the smartest ways to build customer confidence. Just like your SEO rankings are totally relied on quality, engaging content, building your online credibility is also important. If you don’t have a professional, visually appealing website, chances are your consumers don’t bother to do business with you. And it leads to drop your sales and damage your online reputation.

Offer Your Products and Services in one Place

Nowadays, consumers find basic information online for a brand they would like to do business with. And if a business doesn’t have a website or enough details posted on their social media profiles, it makes a situation even worse. Consumers immediately turn off and change their mind.

However, by creating a website and posting the most relevant details about your company, you can ensure that your consumers can find everything about your business in one place. Put this information on your social media profiles as well. Thus, a website gives you the best place to provide everything about your brand and your offerings in a one online spot.

Build Customer Loyalty

Consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers quality products, excellent customer service and great user experience. Putting everything into your website helps you achieve customer loyalty. You can easily build your email list by asking people to provide their email address in exchange for a download, or discount. Give your prospects any easy way to share your website’s product pages and other information on their social media channels to increase your brand reach.

Inbound Linking

Another amazing way to increase your search engine rankings and online credibility is to seek out inbound links from high quality websites. Directing this traffic to your business website is a wise choice than heading visitors towards a social media network. It is easier to get other websites to link to a credible, professional and quality website.

Blogging can Increase Your Website Traffic

Believe it or not, blogging can have a great impact on your online presence, traffic and ultimately sales. Google starts indexing your blog pages every time you post fresh content, this will drive traffic to your website. A study shows that you can increase your website traffic up to 55%. Your visitors may become your loyal customers, your brand promoters and might share your blog posts on their social media network.


No matter if you have a website or you solely rely on social media to capture attention of your customers, it’s high time to harness the power of a professional and well-designed website. Use these simple tips and consult a web design agency to increase your website credilbity and give your brand a stronger presence.

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