How to learn to write articles


Item 1: amount of text

Over the years, the assurances of Google representatives that the search engine gives preference to sites that are convenient to users, are becoming more like the truth. There is no longer any point in writing huge text wrappings, diluting tons of keywords with water. The text should be of medium length. So that the user can read it to the end and not close the page from overwork. The ideal volume is in the range of 1200 - 3000 characters, but nothing will be terrible if you write an article for a larger site. In most cases, this is enough to tell the visitor about your product, service, or convey other information.

Great texts that are really filled with quality information, it is better to try to break into smaller ones. Thus, you will form a whole cycle of articles on one topic.

Item 2: Keyword density

This paragraph will answer the question: "How to write seo articles?". Optimizers often try to calculate the ideal density of keywords, naively believing that this way it will be possible to take any TOPs. From my experience I can say that papers for sale is not the easy thing. In different topics in TOP, the average density of keywords varies greatly. If there is, there is no competition, then you can not do without buying links. And to bypass the competitor who knows how to buy links in sape, only due to high-quality content will not work.

It is enough to have in the article 3-4 occurrences of the desired keyword in order for it to rank well. In this case, it is highly desirable that the entry of the key was in Title.

Item 3: Literacy

Most users are looking for information, driving into the search string is not a query, but rather a tag. Those. not "buy a baby carriage in NY", but "buy a NY baby stroller". This phrase even the most clever copywriter can not correctly write into the text. And if it does, it violates all the rules of the English. Optimizers often insist on using exactly the incorrect "tagged" key in the text. In this they are wrong. Errors in the text are the right way to bad ranking. And the requests of the type that we mentioned earlier: "you need to buy a Moscow baby stroller" in the TOP by buying links with such anchors. So do not forget to write good articles, that is for people, not for search engines.

Item 4: Text Formatting

Of course, this is not the most important factor. However, not paying attention to such trifles, means to increase the timing and price of advancement in the future.

The text should not be a solid sheet. It is best if it is divided into paragraphs, with the presence of lists, underscores, allocations of important sites. First, it is welcomed by bots. Secondly, this will make the text more readable by the user, which means that it will cause the page to stay longer on the page. Thus, we will tighten up the behavioral factors that Yandex has recently "ruled".

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